The population throughout the world and in the United States is expanding at an unprecedented rate and this expansion will have a chain effect on many situations, including car accidents. An increased number of people on the planet leads to more drivers (licensed and unlicensed), more cars on the road and an increase in the number of car collisions locally, nationally and all over the globe. Whether you are a passenger or driver, chances are high in that you will at some point in your life be involved in a motor vehicle collision and the likelihood is on the rise each and every year.

If car accidents are inevitable then so are the injuries and property damages that go along with them – costly consequences of our dependence on automotive vehicles for transportation. Understanding common causes of car collisions in order to do one’s best to avoid them is laudable, but it is also important to be a realistic and have a plan in place for dealing with insurance companies and car crash lawyers so that if the worst occurs you will be prepared and bolster your chances of receiving a fair settlement for any losses you suffered as a result.

Car Accident Causes
Research indicates that over the last half-decade almost 30% of all drivers in the United States have been involved in an automobile accident. Driver distraction is by far the leading cause of all automobile accidents, and creates more collisions than all the other causes put together. Limiting distractions while driving is the single most important thing that anyone can do – both to prevent causing a car accident and to be more alert and responsive to other distracted drivers on the road.

81% of automobile accidents are influenced by drivers who were distracted by having a conversation with other passengers within the automobile. 66% of all accidents are caused by drivers distracted by listening to or fiddling with a radio or other music-playing device inside the car. While it is not illegal to listen to music, ask other passengers to change the station and keep the volume low enough so as not to divide your attention when driving.

Talking on cell phones or text messaging while driving is not just illegal – both contribute to at least 25% of all serious car accidents and this percentage is on the rise. Sadly, people take cell phones and cars for granted because we use them every day, but combining the two can have a lethal consequences and must absolutely be avoided it to minimize the chances of getting into a car accident.

Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is also not only illegal, but leads to a catastrophic 32% of all fatal car accidents. Drivers registering only .08% blood alcohol content, the minimum blood alcohol percentage for arrest for drunk driving in most states, cause a large percentage of these fatalities. Just as it is not possible to be just a little pregnant, it is not possible to be just a little drunk while driving and still be safe.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

It is mandatory for all drivers to be covered by an insurance policy and it is every car accident victim’s right to claim compensation for injuries and property damages caused by their car accident from their insurance company and the insurance company of others involved in an accident. Insurance companies, however, are motivated by profit and it may be a challenge to wrest one’s rightful claim to compensation from an insurance provider without the assistance of a car collision attorney.

If you are unlucky enough to have been in an automobile accident, contact your lawyer before you talk to any insurance company representatives. Your lawyer will help you gather the appropriate evidence, organize and present your statement and can negotiate effectively for fair settlement at the appropriate time.

Occasionally an insurance company will act in what is termed as “bad faith”: denying coverage for rightful claims despite evidence in their favor. Retaining your own car accident lawyer may intimidate an insurance provider away from acting in bad faith and avoid you the hassle of a lawsuit extended over a long period of time.

If you are a driver and do not already have insurance, then purchase a policy immediately to protect yourself and others with whom you share the road.