Car accident statistics are depressing reminder of the part driver’s play in causing vehicular collisions. Although not every car accident is the result of driver error, the most common causes of car accidents can usually be traced to some sort of driver negligence or distraction.

Automobile accidents lead to upwards of 25 million deaths in the United States each year, and cost the government, the citizens and the victims billions of dollars annually. While it is true that road safety, the enforcement of traffic regulations and increased motor vehicle safety standards and technologies will greatly reduce the serious injury and fatality rate of car accidents, the real power lies in the hands of each and every individual driver in the United States today.

The most common causes of car accidents are driver negligence or driver distraction, drunk driving and reckless driving or speeding. These three main categories are also primarily associated with the very serious or fatal high speed collisions that cause much greater damage than simple fender-benders at stop signs.

Drunk driving is the single most common cause of car accidents in America. Sadly, those driving while drunk not only endanger their own lives and safety but also endanger others sharing the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, estimates that there is 1 fatality due to alcohol related to car accidents every 30 minutes of every day in each year. Approximately 30% of all fatal car accidents and 50% of the fatal accidents that do occur take place on weekends

Driver distraction or negligence is the second leading cause of car accidents. Estimated as the cause of nearly 25% of all car accidents, driver negligence encompasses everything from distraction from adjusting the car CD or radio, to using cell phones to text or talk while driving. Additionally rubbernecking, driving while fatigued, looking at maps, scenery or other passengers are considered driver negligence when an accident ensues as a result.

Speeding is the third most common cause of car accidents and is something most drivers to not take seriously. What drivers may fail to realize is that a high-speed collision is exponentially more damaging than collisions at lower speeds, and that most collisions at high speeds lead to fatalities.

Driving is inherently dangerous and must be taken seriously. Every driver must and do their part in preventing car accidents. If you have an unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, then consult an experienced a car accident lawyer to assist you.