One of the most horrific types of accidents Riverside personal injury attorneys have to deal with is burn injuries. A victim may find their injuries exceptionally hard to come to terms with especially when the accident occurred through no fault of their own. To the victim, burns related injuries are extremely visible and can result in the person becoming withdrawn and totally isolated.

Our skin is made up of three separate layers and these are the ‘epidermis’ or the outer layer, the ‘dermis’ or central layer and finally the ‘hypodermis’ or inner layer. This inner layer is also known as the subcutaneous layer. There are also six degrees of burn, dependent upon how many levels the skin has penetrated

  • First degree burns

    These are in reality minor burns that affect only the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. Although painful, they will result only in discomfort and a degree of redness for a short period of time and no long term damage is done.

  • Second degree burns

    These are burns that penetrate through to the second layer of skin or ‘dermis’. Swelling, blisters, redness and pain will all be present and often result in scarring. Generally speaking any second degree burn that is larger than 3 inches should require medical attention.

  • Third degree burns

    Third degree burns can potentially be fatal and penetrate all three areas of the skin. They are noticeable by areas of white and dry skin and also possible charring round the edges of the injury. The majority of these burns do require skin grafts and can cause some nerve damage.

  • Fourth, fifth and Six degree burns

    These are the worst kind and are usually fatal due to the injury’s major damage to veins and arteries. These degrees of burn penetrate all three layers of skin, plus the bone and muscle. Those who survive this type of injury often require amputation of a limb, or suffer major disfigurement and extensive skin grafts.

As you can see burns injuries can often leave long lasting psychological damages as well as physical ones on the victim and as a result skilled Riverside County personal injury attorneys will take this into account when fighting in your corner. Burns injury lawyers are trained in not just the physical aspects of burns, but also the ongoing effects it can have on the victim’s life. This means that a skilled lawyer understands the problems that a burns injury victim faces and will seek monetary compensation for their client accordingly.

Depending upon the extent of the injuries of a burns victim, an experienced burns lawyer should be looking to seek compensation for things such as loss of wages, if unable to go back to the job because of the injuries caused, then loss of future wages, job retraining if necessary, ongoing medical care and even trauma. Damages may also be sought if the injury affects the sexual relationship with the partner of the victim as it may no longer be physically possible to have an intimate relationship. All of these criteria can be taken into consideration and an experienced Riverside personal injury attorney will fight to deliver the highest monetary compensation for the injured party and their family.

If you are a victim of a severe burn, rest assured that you don’t have to suffer in silence. Riverside personal injury attorneys who are well versed in such dealings can fight your cause whilst you get on with the recovery process. They will have the financial backing in place to carry out a thorough investigation into your accident and will be on your side until the case is settled. In many instances, a claim such as this can take a long time to settle so a skilled Riverside personal injury attorney should be able to get on with the job in hand and this ultimately means that this will take the pressure off you. In the case of severe burns the quality of life will be affected, so it is important to try to be as proactive as possible. If this means getting the ball rolling towards seeking monetary compensation for your injuries then this is a good step forward.