In the state of California an accident lawyer Riverside, CA will have to deal with many cases, but there is none more catastrophic than when dealing with an airline crash. In essence, airline travel is still around 5 times safer than when travelling by car and thousands of aircraft take off and land safely every single day, however when accidents do occur, they are generally front page news.

Not all incidents result in carnage and there are many incidents of skill and bravery as pilots battled to bring their aircraft down safely despite having a severe malfunction. An example of this is just recently, in November of 2011 when a Polish Lot Airlines Boeing 767 carrying 231 passengers made an emergency landing at Okecie airport in Warsaw with no landing gear, everyone survived. Another example of pilot genius was back in 2009 when an US Airlines Airbus A320 carrying 150 passengers and 5 crew had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River after losing all its engines to bird strikes, again everybody survived. However when accidents do happen, they can be serious and indeed fatal, and for the families of victims involved, this can be financially and emotionally devastating

A Riverside accident lawyer explains that plane crashes can be attributed to many things including mechanical failure, bird strikes, pilot error, bad weather, air traffic control error, aircraft design flaws, on board fires and simply running out of fuel. All of these things can contribute to an aircraft crash and when considering a litigation case, there are several instances where gross negligence could be cited.

Statistics show that according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in 2005 there were 1680 aircraft related accidents of which 321 were fatal resulting in 563 deaths. Experts say that aircraft accidents are rising gradually by around 2% every year. On top of this figure, there have been 238 light aircraft incidents in the past five years in the US alone of which 29 people have died. The main cause of these types of accidents is pilot error.

So how can a lawyer help?

It is possible that a Riverside accident lawyer who specializes in aircraft accidents may look at the possibility of an air line crash class action lawsuit. This means that the attorney will be representing several people who are seeking compensation for the same accident. This being the case, the right lawyer will have enough finances behind them to be able to take on such a lawsuit and to pursue it all the way, without having to take an early settlement figure because they have run out of funds. They will also have a team of independent experts whom they can call upon to carry out their own investigations. People such as flight safety experts and accident investigation specialists can all be utilised to help with the case. From their findings an attorney will be able to ascertain as to who is at fault for the accident and can start to build a case. Whilst all this is going on an attorney and their team will also be interviewing survivors and witnesses to the accident.

In some instances, smaller charter companies or owners of light aircraft will have only limited insurance which might not pay out on damages that might be incurred after an aircraft crash such as wrongful death, debilitating injuries, loss of income and stress and trauma. In this instance, it is imperative that an experienced Riverside County accident lawyer is contacted. They will know the exact path to take should this event arise.

A good lawyer will act with compassion and sympathy, whilst at the same time being determined in their cause to deliver their clients the full and fair compensation that they deserve. They will take a lot of pressure off the victim and their family, so that whilst the lawyer and their team are working on the case, the victim and their family can concentrate on rebuilding their lives, safe in the knowledge that they have someone who is fighting their corner for them. This is why it is so important to make the right choice of attorney, and this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.