In the state of California any car accident lawyers Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County or Los Angeles will tell you that a growing trend of pedestrian and vehicle related injuries are caused through illegal street racing. In fact so much so that in 1999 there were 72 fatal crashes involving illegal street racing, however by 2001 according to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration there were 135. That’s an increase of 97%. Although fatalities have curtailed somewhat since then, streetracing is still a huge problem.

With the onset of films such as ‘The Fast And The Furious’ and computer based games such as ‘Need For Speed’ street racing has become fairly glamorized in recent years and for some people it has only added to the excitement. In order to avoid detection, race meets are commonly posted on popular social media websites often at the last minute and happen at night. If the police find one and break it up, then another is arranged a few days later. As you can see, it’s very difficult to stamp out.

It isn’t just the drivers that get injured, on the contrary, many injuries occur to spectators. In most cases street racing cars are not your generic road going car. Instead they have been modified to within an inch of their lives. Most of these highly tuned machines have the capability of doing 0-60 in under 4 seconds, utilising huge engines. As this is an extremely expensive thing to undertake, not everyone can afford to participate, but many do get a buzz out of it simply by watching. Any illegal street racing meet will also bring with it a hoard of spectators who are just as likely to become injured or even killed should a car run out of control. As most races are run at night it makes visibility that much harder also, for drivers and spectators alike. If you have been hit by a street racing car, then you should contact a team of car accident attorneys. Riverside has some of the most experienced attorneys in the US and as a result can look to claim maximum compensation.


Many of the cars are also ‘beefed’ up with Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS). Nitrous Oxide boosts the performance of an already modified car even further and as a result can be extremely difficult to control. Anyone who has watched professional drag racing will know just how unpredictable they are. As a result of being fitted with NOS, cars are also prone to exploding engines. The trouble is that the majority of people who drive these cars aren’t professional drivers and many are younger drivers who haven’t long passed their driving tests. As you can see, this is an accident waiting to happen, for both drivers and spectators.

So what can be done? A Riverside County car accident lawyer explains…

In the state of California laws have been passed to allow the police to confiscate vehicles that participate in illegal street racing activities and crush them. This is designed to hit the offender hard in the pocket. Also over 800 citations have been handed out to people in the California area and this doesn’t just mean the drivers. In addition, anyone found to be aiding and abetting an illegal activity (and this includes spectators) can be in violation of the law. Also more organised racing track meets are coming to the fore where people can take their cars and race in a safe environment with trained staff close at hand.

In essence street racing has been around since the dawn of the motor car and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away. If you can’t stop it, then having organised race days at proper tracks has to be the way forward. If you or a loved one has been injured by an illegal street race then you should contact a team of experienced car accident lawyers. Riverside attorneys can seek recompense on behalf of their clients for any injuries caused through dangerous or reckless behavior and as a result will look to deliver maximum compensation every time.