An experienced team of Los Angeles attorneys often have to help people file lawsuits for products that aren’t exactly what they appear to be in that they may cause more harm than good. One such product of late has been Fixodent denture adhesive.

In essence anybody who uses denture adhesives and denture creams excessively may be at some risk of zinc poisoning. In October of 2011 the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published findings about the overuse of zinc based denture adhesives and creams and their links with poisoning. It issued a warning stating that any consumer who uses more than two tubes per week to keep their dentures in place is at risk. It also made a ruling that any denture cream or denture adhesive manufacturer should state on the product whether zinc is used in the said cream/adhesive.

So how did these findings come about? A team of LA attorneys explain.

As far back as 2008 a neurological paper published by the University of Texas found that when a study was done on denture wearers nearly all of them had residual zinc levels in their body that had read to be higher than normal. For example patients tested somewhere between 1.36 – 4.28 micrograms per millilitre. Normal readings are around the 1.10 mark. Patients were also experiencing numbness and weakness of the legs, arms and hands, a distinct lack of co-ordination linked with poor balance, and a tingling and burning sensation which are all classic signs of zinc poisoning. In fact one of the patients that they tested had legs and arms that were so weak that she had to use a wheelchair and had almost become dependent upon it to get around. She had also developed incontinence and a decline in her cognitive abilities. The lady in question had been using denture creams for over 20 years.

So who are the culprits?

Some of the main products that are linked with possible zinc poisoning are Super Poligrip, Poligrip and Fixodent. The alarming thing is that these are all household brands. In fact Glaxo Smith Kline the multibillion dollar pharmaceutical company that makes Super Poligrip and Poligrip has recently paid out over $120 million in settlements to consumers who have contracted zinc poisoning through frequent use of the product. If you believe that you may be a victim to zinc poisoning then there is a good chance that if you contact a team of Los Angeles lawyers who have experience in dealing with defective product lawsuits then you could be asked to join a class action lawsuit against the big players in the pharmaceutical world.

So how can a team of LA Attorneys help?

For a potential client to be eligible for a class action lawsuit against the denture cream manufacturers it is important that they undergo a blood test. This will determine the zinc and copper levels in the body. It is imperative that these levels are done whilst the patient is still using the cream/adhesive because it is possible that when not using the products, that zinc/copper levels could return to normal even though permanent damage may have already occurred. Without these high recorded levels in the bloodstream it will be almost impossible to prove zinc poisoning even though the client may show physical attributes of the illness. If the blood test proves show high levels of the substances then the client will have a pretty strong chance of making a claim.

It is very upsetting for all concerned for an elderly person to be using a product that is believed to be harmless whereas in reality it is having the reverse affect. When this has happened, you should never suffer in silence. Instead rest assured that there are experienced Los Angeles attorneys who understand the law and can protect your rights. So give them a call today.