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Despite all the bans on cell phones whilst driving, it is fair to say that many Americans see nothing wrong with answering a call whist driving. This is proven to some extent by a recent survey that was carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In it around 66% of people surveyed (around 6000 people) suggested that they would be happy to answer a ringing phone and continue driving. Only 9% said that they would answer it and then pull over, and equally 9% said that they would hand the phone over to a passenger. Now whilst people could argue that 6000 people isn’t a big enough slice of the population to give a true reflection, it is still fairly alarming nonetheless.

So what’s gone wrong? An injury lawyer Los Angeles explains….

Despite there being a huge government campaign to improve distracted driving awareness, many believe that driving whilst talking on a cell phone is not a dangerous act. In fact, their likelihood of taking a call whilst driving would depend entirely on the importance of the call on the other end. It does seem that as a nation we are unable to resist the lure of the ring tone whilst driving and herein lies the problem. It’s clearly a matter of education, and old habits do tend to die hard!

The ironic thing is that many self confessed phone users advocate the banning of texting whilst driving, and will even go so far as to say that if they passed another motorist who was on the phone whilst driving then they would give them a very wide berth. If you have been involved in an accident with a distracted driver through no fault of your own, then it is advisable not leave it to your insurer to deal with. Instead contact a skilled team of injury lawyers.

LA, the surrounding areas and indeed the state of California, is one of many states that has banned the use of talking and texting on cell phones whilst driving. However many now believe that even the use of hands free car phones are dangerous, in that whilst the driver is talking away, they are not paying full attention to what’s going happening on the roads. Experts who have looked into this very subject suggest that when a person is talking on a hands free phone, they are twice as likely to become involved in an accident and this figure jumps to four times if they are not hands free.

It seems that even state laws aren’t going to stop people from using their phones whilst driving and maybe the government do need to change their strategy. Similarly to the ‘click it or ticket’ seat belt safety campaigns used over the past few years, an anti cell phone driving campaign has to be seen to educate people. There’s one thing having laws, but people aren’t going to adhere to them if they don’t understand the implications of doing what they do, and this is reiterated in the recent survey carried out by the NHTSA

Fortunately most people are aware of the inherent dangers of texting whilst driving and there are at present 35 states and Washington DC that have banned it. However the banning of speaking on the cell phone whist driving is a different matter. At present only nine states have banned hand held cell phones, so it is clear that unless the government gets fully behind such an issue how are we going to expect Joe public to follow suit?

As the problems of cell phone use whilst driving continue then so too will there be a need for skilled Los Angeles injury lawyers. LA and the state of California is one of those taking control of the situation and is one of the nine states that have a total ban, however it may be some time before others follow suit.