Have you been involved in a workplace accident resulting in a construction site injury? It is not surprising if you have answered ‘Yes’ because construction work is one of the most dangerous professions in United States and construction site injury lawyers in America are kept busy working on third-party construction accident claims year-round. Construction workers normally face other risks like asbestos exposure, carbon monoxide poisoning for and exposure to other dangerous chemicals, electrocution lead poisoning and repetitive motion injuries.

Anyone walking by a construction site can easily note the clear and obvious peril of a building or demolition site from the extensive presence of heavy-duty power tools, cranes, forklifts and heavy metal beams. The mandatory hardhats are not a true preventative measure against injuries caused by scaffolding accidents, accidental falls into trenches, MIG, TIG and oxy-acetylene welding tanks, or defective equipment or machinery.

Common Construction Site Accidents and Hazards

Building sites expose construction workers to a wide sphere of dangers that can cause grievous and formidable personal harm. Grave wounds like broken bones, damaged organs or spinal cord injuries clearly have a huge impact on any victim’s life but even repetitive strain injuries can ultimately lead to the loss of the injured party’s ability to continue in his or her field. The most common injuries seen by construction accident attorneys are caused by motor vehicle or equipment accidents, falling objects, over-exertion, interactions with dangerous chemicals, fires or explosions and falls.

Motor vehicles and industrial equipment interaction are inherent to construction work. All machines have the potential to be dangerous and the busy construction site environment challenges workers to stay safe while moving quickly. When machines are improperly cared for, inherently defective or misused by poorly trained employees the risk of an incident increases.

Falling objects on construction sites tend to be very heavy. Large and potentially hazardous materials used in construction are transported constantly back and forth and up and down which raises the likelihood of something being dropped.

Over-exertion is quite normal in any manual labor job with all the pressures workers face to keep pace and it is only natural that normal wear-and-tear, bending and lifting strains, tendonitis and repetitive stress disorders will plague construction employees.

Chemical exposure and interaction is a valid danger for most construction employees because of the harsh cleaning agents, chemical lubricants and other dangerous substances required in construction and demolition.

Explosions at construction sites can be caused by an accidental impact to a gas tank used when welding, by hitting a gas line or natural gas pocket when using a jackhammer and in countless other situations and will easily cause death or severe burns to any employee nearby.

Last, but not least, falls from height are one of the leading causes of construction site injuries and death. In construction the only way to go is up and faulty safety gear used when scaling building exteriors or structures and improperly secured scaffolding or girders can easily cause a deadly drop.

After Effects of a Construction Injury

Some construction workers injured on the job are lucky enough to walk away with minor damages and no lasting effects, but many others are not so fortunate. Injured construction employees are almost guaranteed to face lost wages and income caused by time lost at work and shifts missed beyond their available personal and sick days or a shift to part-time or light-duty employment. They may also have to deal with stressful pressure from managers, bosses and other coworkers to minimize the extent of their injuries, a reduction in their ability to work the same capacity and pay scale as they did prior to the injury, and extensive and overwhelming medical costs accumulated from dealing with their injuries.

The problems injured workers must cope with are quite challenging to handle, both from a legal perspective and from the perspective of someone whose quality of life and security has been turned upside down. Although hiring legal counsel might seem like an additional expense, a construction site injury attorney can be an immeasurable help, both financially and emotionally.

How a Construction Site Injury Lawyer Can Help

Construction site injuries undoubtedly lead to expenses and life changes and innocent victims of the failings of others are entitled to financial compensation. These kinds of injuries may be covered under workers compensation insurance, personal injury laws, premises liability law or third-party claims or a combination of two or more. Taken individually each of these areas of law are perplexingly abstruse to the average Joe, and even a general practice lawyer can become confused. When two or more must be dealt with the simultaneously it creates a virtually impossible hurdle to justice for any layperson and cases may never fully be realized. Happily, a simple call to a lawyer or law firm experienced in all aspects construction site injury law is the best guarantee of a just settlement.