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Your insurance company is going to offer you as little as they can – call us first to see what your case is worth

In California there are over 33 million cars which drive on some of the busiest roads in the country so it is no wonder that accidents will happen. Inevitably there will always be disputes over liability; if this happens to you then it is important to call a Long Beach car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

In many instances drivers who have been involved in car accidents don’t think to call on services of an attorney. Instead they will let their insurance company deal with the situation. However there are some fundamental problems with doing this and here are some of the reasons why:

  • You don’t come first – they want to make money

    Insurance companies (like any other type of business) are there to make money. Clearly they do this by taking in as many premiums as possible and paying out as little as possible to the people who have been in accidents. It is in their best interests to give as small a payment as they can get away with. This may even include denying a valid claim. A highly experienced Long Beach car accident attorney on the other hand has your best interest at heart. The reason for this is that if they are operating on a contingency basis, then they will not get paid until you get paid; so the larger the claim that you get, the better their own earnings. This alignment of incentives means that they really will put you first. At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg we have been successfully representing clients who have been involved in car accidents for over forty years, and our experience in delivering maximum compensation to our clients really shines through. Over $200 million in verdicts and settlements proves that we know what we’re doing.

  • Pay-outs by insurance companies are the minimum they can get away with

    We have already discussed that insurance carriers are working with their own best interests at heart and as a result when they do pay out it can often fall way short of your real entitlement. Insurance payments generally only cover the damage cost or repair of the vehicle in question as well as payments for any immediate injuries and medical expenses sustained because of them. This being the case, they will probably not cover any on-going long term medical costs and treatments such as rehabilitation, costs of medical equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs, or any type of specialist trauma help such as clinical therapists or clinical psychologists. On the hand, a highly experienced team of Long Beach car accident attorneys can demand compensation that entails any psychological stress and trauma incurred by their client in the aftermath of the incident, any future loss of wages if unable to carry out the same job again, any costs incurred for retraining to a new career (if applicable), all medical costs including any long term treatments and professional help, as well as punitive damages filed directly against the negligent party.

  • No ‘at fault’ payments

    Insurance companies like to have a black and white solution to a problem in order for them to initiate payment. However in many such cases it simply isn’t like that. For example, if one driver was driving erratically and collided with an oncoming vehicle which was being driven in a sensible and steady manner, then it might appear that the fault lay with the excessive speedster. However, what if the person in the vehicle that was hit was found not to have been wearing their seat belt? This being the case, then there is a pretty good chance that the insurer would not pay out and the claim would be null and void. When you are being represented by a team of highly skilled Long Beach car accident lawyers, then they recognize something known as ‘comparative law’. This in essence means that as a victim, your representing attorney can still seek compensation based on comparative fault. How this works is that if you are deemed to be 30% responsible for the accident, then you will receive 70% of the total amount payable for that type of accident if successful.

  • Lack of investigation

    Quite often when an accident has occurred some of the first people on the scene are the police and the insurance adjusters. Neither of these groups has the resources to be able to carry out a large scale investigation and as a result can end up pointing the blame at the wrong person. A Long Beach car accident lawyer who is well versed in dealing with such situations will have the financial backing to be able to investigate the cause of the accident fully by calling upon a whole host of independent experts. People such as specialist mechanics, crash investigators, defective parts specialists and even forensic scientists can all be called upon to help with the case if necessary. By getting the professionals to investigate the accident scene, the representing attorney can be sure that they have done enough to file a correct damages claim. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg is well connected and as a result we are able to call upon a myriad of experts who can help when needed.

Being involved in a car accident can be emotionally, physically and financially devastating. It is because of this that you should call upon the services of a skilled Long Beach car accident lawyer who has a proven track record in dealing with such cases. They can help to deliver the full and fair compensation package in order that you can put the whole experience behind you and start to move on with your life.

At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg we are seasoned professionals who have been dealing with cases of personal injury (particularly car accidents) for over forty years. We understand how to analyze a case and get the maximum compensation every single time. Please feel free to check out the website for further details and give us a call at 888-204-1014 to see what your case is worth.

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