Defective or Badly Maintained Equipment: A Main Cause Of Car Accidents

Surprisingly or not, one of the largest causes of motor vehicle accidents on California’s roads is caused by badly maintained or defective equipment. Worn tires are a particular worry and can lose traction on the road surface when the weather is a little wet or the road is slippery. Other issues include vehicle parts that are deemed defective. These may not be down to bad vehicle maintenance but could be down to a manufacturing defect. Vehicles with faulty brakes, steering systems, sticking accelerator pedals and shock absorbers have all been problematic for many major car manufacturers. If you have been involved in a car accident and you believe that the fault lies with a badly manufactured car part, then it is imperative that you call upon the services of a highly skilled Long Beach car accident lawyer. The attorney will be able to carry out their own investigation utilising the services of various independent experts including manufacturing defect experts, specialist mechanics and even forensic scientists who can all examine the vehicle wreckage in order to ascertain as to where the fault lies. From these results a skilled attorney can look to bring a lawsuit against the car part manufacturer or alternatively the car manufacturer themselves.

Although these are the main problems for vehicle related accidents on California’s roads, in the main accidents are caused by a culmination of these five. For example a driver who is driving at excessive speeds may also be driving with worn tires. Or alternatively a driver who has been drinking is probably likely to be driving in a reckless manner without regard for other road users.

Driving any vehicle can be dangerous as it is not only your actions that can be the deciding factor in whether you are involved in an accident or not, but also by being able to anticipate the actions of others. Sometimes when an accident has occurred then there is a problem with where the fault lies and who is to blame. If you have been blamed for an accident to which (in your mind) you were simply not at fault, then it is all too easy to get caught up in the situation and to say something to a policeman or an insurance carrier that may incriminate you. In situations like these it is always best to be polite to attendees of the scene, but at the same time don’t be obliged to answer any questions. Instead contact a team of highly experienced San Bernardino car accident lawyers who are fully conversant with the laws in California and can not only explain your rights, but also are willing to take on your case.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever regarding your rights, then a team of San Bernardino car accident attorneys will offer a free no obligation consultation where you will be able to discuss the circumstances of your case. It really is a win win situation. At the very least you will come away with great advice, or at best you will have someone fighting your corner to deliver a full and fair compensatory package that you deserve.