How To File A Workers Comp Claim – Third Party Involvement

Unlike workers compensation claims where you are only covered for immediate medical expenses and loss of wages whilst in recovery, an injured party who is involved in a third party litigation can also file for damages such as any loss of future wages (should this be applicable) or ongoing care costs, or any future costs for retraining (again if applicable). On top of this a victim may be able to file for damages covering any personal stress and trauma caused by the incident as well as any punitive costs to be filed directly against the negligent party. Also a skilled lawyer if successful may instruct the negligent party to pay the plaintiff’s court costs which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. This type of claim is separate from workers compensation, which the employee may also be entitled to and can run alongside the third party claim.

Many construction workers who are injured whilst on the job are almost guaranteed to face a loss in wages plus extra income lost by not receiving shift allowance. On top of this they may also have to deal with the added stress from employers who are under tight budgets themselves and simply cannot afford to have people off long term sick. The unscrupulous employer may even ask the injured party to play down the extent of their injuries and return to work. The problems that these people face are indeed fairly challenging both from a legal perspective but also from a moral perspective. Although hiring an experienced Long Beach injury lawyer may seen an added expense that they can probably do without, the real reality is that the right lawyer can be of immeasurable help both emotionally and financially. Simply the thought of having someone to fight your corner, when all seems lost is a real boost.

In many cases regarding construction site injury claims, workers can be covered by third parties, workers compensation, premises liability and personal injury laws or indeed an amalgamation of one or more. This can often be confusing even for a general attorney to comprehend and extremely complex to a layman, and this is why a Long Beach injury lawyer who is well versed in dealing with such issues of construction site injury law is absolutely vital to your success.

The right lawyer will act with compassion and sympathy for your injuries whist at the same time pursue your case with dogged determination. They will have the finances in place to take the case all the way if needs be and be strong enough not to take the first settlement that comes their way. They will be very comfortable when dealing with large corporations and their team of attorneys will be excellent negotiators. They will have the ability to do whatever it takes within the law to see that their client gets the full and fair compensation that they truly deserve.

Even though third party claims can be extremely complex in nature to prove it is good to know that there is a team of attorneys who are standing by to take your call should the unfortunate happen to you.