The Complications Of Third Party Injuries And How To Make A Claim

A Long Beach injury lawyer explains that under normal circumstances an injured employee cannot file a claim against another work colleague or employer who works for the same company. This is the stipulation of a workers compensation claim. However if the negligent party happened to be a third party (i.e., they do not work for the same employer as the injured person) then it is possible that you can file an injury claim against the person or persons that caused you harm.

Construction sites

One of the main places for third party injuries is on construction sites. The state of California has the highest rate of construction site related accidents and injuries anywhere in the USA and as a result can account for one out of every five job related fatalities. As you can imagine they are extremely hazardous places to work in which employees from different companies (third party workers) all work closely together to bring about a finished product.


Some of the more common types of construction site injuries include slip and fall, vehicle crashes, electrocution, falling object impact, exposure to toxic substances and excavation accidents all of which have the ability to injure, maim or indeed kill. If you have been the victim of a third party accident then it is vital that you call upon the services of a Long Beach injury attorney who will explain your rights. In many cases third party injury claims can be hard to prove and is not something that any layman should pursue. Instead it should be left to an injury attorney who is well versed in dealing with such issues.

So with this in mind, how does a skilled attorney go about proving a third party injury case?

In many instances when an incident has occurred and a lawyer is called to investigate, they are often met at the scene of the accident by people who are looking to pass the blame, as they understandably don’t want to admit liability. This ‘buck passing’ activity often makes it very difficult to make any type of blame or negligence stick. When this happens the attorney will call upon the services of a number of independent experts who are able to help. People such as accident investigators, faulty equipment specialists and machinery defect experts can all help to ascertain as to where the blame lies and ultimately who is responsible. From these findings the attorney can then put together a case for the plaintiff.