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You deserve the best personal injury lawyers in Long Beach

If you are living or working in Long Beach, California and are in the unfortunate position of having been involved in an accident or have been injured through the negligence of others, then you need an experienced Long Beach lawyer. Although most of us realize that different professionals have a range of abilities, many people don’t think about this when it comes to selecting an attorney. Not all attorneys are created equal. A highly skilled and experienced attorney can make the difference between a client receiving hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to receiving nothing at all. At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg, we take the time to really analyze your case and see how we can get you maximum compensation. We see things in cases that other lawyers miss, and we have $200 million in verdicts and settlements to prove it. Call our Long Beach attorneys toll free at 888-204-1014 for a free consultation.

Here are some details on what a great lawyer can do for you:

Act in an advisory capacity

Any firm of Long Beach attorneys who are serious about their business will offer a no obligation, free consultation session. This is a chance for you to get the answers to any questions, queries or concerns that you might have about your accident. On top of this your attorney can advise you on your legal rights and exactly where you stand. Also they can start to put together a strategy if you decide to take hire them for representation. At the Law Offices of David H Greenberg we have been practising personal injury law for over forty years, and some of our cases have gone as far as the Supreme Court. Some of Mr. Greenberg’s cases are studied in some of the top law schools around the country. He also teaches other lawyers who are not so familiar with areas of personal injury law in seminars around the U.S. Rest assured that when you are taking advice from the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg, that you are getting experienced advice.

Fight on your side

In many cases a Long beach attorney can step into help a client if they need representation. A good example of this is a workers compensation claim. Normally this is a straight forward transaction between the injured party and the insurance carrier, whereby money is paid out to the injured party to cover medical expenses and a loss of wages while in recovery. In these instances an attorney would not normally get involved. However, there are times when a claim may be disputed for whatever reason, and in order to resolve it, the case has to go before a workers compensation review board. In some cases injured parties who are familiar with this process can represent themselves, but it can be particularly daunting to anybody who hasn’t experienced this sort of thing before. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with workers compensation laws can either help to prepare the client for the board, or alternatively they can represent them on their behalf.

Another way an attorney can help to level the playing field is when a client is having trouble with insurance companies either for injury or accident compensation claims. Insurance companies have a tendency to pay out minimal amounts, underpay, or in extreme cases simply don’t pay out at all. If an injured party were to fight this on their own, then there is a chance that the carrier with their army of attorneys would run rings around the plaintiff. However a lawyer who fully understands how insurance companies operate will be able to fight in your corner to make sure that you get the full and fair compensation that you deserve. On top of this, if the insurer is seen to be committing insurance fraud, then a representing lawyer can look to seek recompense for trauma and stress caused to the injured party for the refusal of payment, as well as filing directly against the insurance company for any punitive damages.

Maximize your compensation

Many people when involved in an accident end up dealing with a claim through their insurer. It may be that they feel that they cannot afford the services of an attorney or that they simply don’t want the hassle. Whatever the reason, it is important to realize that the insurance carrier is in the business of making money and they do this by receiving as many premium payments as possible while at the same time having extremely tight controls of what they pay out in claims. In essence this means that they are not on your side and payments will be limited. An experienced lawyer on the other hand will work to get paid when you get paid, and the more you receive, the more they will earn. This simple formula means that it is in their interest to get as much compensation for their clients as possible. Therefore if you want maximize your compensation then seek the services of a skilled attorney every time. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg has been delivering compensation to successful clients to the tune of over $200 million over the last forty years, and are experienced in achieving maximum compensation.

Take away the worry and stress

It is one thing being involved in an accident that has resulted in a personal injury, but it is another having to deal with the aftermath of litigations and lawsuits. Our attorneys can take all the worry and stress of a case away from you so that you can concentrate on your recovery and rebuilding your life. We can deal with any paperwork or statutes of limitations which may arise and you can be assured that our team is on your case to deliver the best result.

At the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg we have an excellent team of people who are efficient in dealing with all aspects of personal injury. We will work hard in order to deliver a quick and efficient result as painlessly as possible. For further information feel free to check out our areas of practice, and please give us a call (888-204-1014) and speak to one of our an experienced lawyers about your case.

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