The Sad Fact Of Wrongful Death And How A Highly Skilled Long Beach Lawyer Can Help

A Long Beach lawyer explains that there is nothing more sad that the loss of a loved one. However what’s even more devastating is when a perfectly healthy human is suddenly taken from us due to the negligence of others. Wrongful death is one of the most emotional cases that an experienced lawyer will have to deal with in their careers and can often leave loved ones not knowing what to do and where to turn.

A wrongful death lawsuit was initially brought in to financially compensate loved ones who are left in a state of disbelief, shock and economic damage. Previous to this, and rather bizarrely, there was no lawsuit for anybody who had been killed accidentally as it was believed that the claim that they had a right to, died with them. No consideration was given to the family of the victim who were left behind to pick up the pieces and as a result families were often left with no money, especially if their deceased spouse was the main breadwinner in the household.

Nowadays of course, wrongful death has been implemented to help the family of the victim with costs and this is why it is different from any other compensation claim. For example a Long Beach attorney who is representing a client in a normal personal injury claim would take into account criteria such as medical expenses for treatment and any lost wages whilst in recovery. Clearly in a wrongful death claim, a lawyer cannot claim medical expenses and loss of wages for the victim, because they are no longer with us. Therefore all compensation is directed to the immediate family and the effects that the victim’s death has had on them. Consideration for compensation in a case such as this would take into account at least the following two key areas, and these are as follows:

Economic loss

This is compensation for financial loss that the family would have to endure as a result of the wrongful death incident and can include…

Funeral and burial expenses

A team of Long Beach Lawyers can look to file a claim for the costs of any funeral and burial expenses, which would otherwise have to be paid for by the grieving family.

Loss of future wages

If the victims working life had been cut short, then a representing attorney can look at filing a claim for any future wages that the victim could have, and indeed should have earned up until their retirement. This compensates the surviving family members for the possibility of losing the main family income.

Loss of inheritance

Any funds that the victim might have inherited from other family members or from pension schemes etc

Non-economic losses

These include compensation for things which happen to be non financial in nature and pertain to more emotional aspects of losing a loved one such as…

Loss of companionship

Emotional loss is one of the biggest things that a wrongful death will bring. As a result a skilled attorney will look at awarding funds for a loss of a husband, partner and father figure to the family.

Unnecessary grief and anguish

A skilled Long Beach lawyer who is well versed in dealing with wrongful death cases can look to claim compensation for any unnecessary grief caused to the surviving family members by the incident.