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Four Things to Look for When Selecting a Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that accidents happen, and being involved in an accident and injured through the negligence of others can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating. If this has happened to you, then don’t trust that the insurance company will have your best interests at heart. The highly skilled Long Beach personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg have helped clients get over $200 million in verdicts and settlements. Call (888) 204-1014 to find out how much we can get you.

The city of Long Beach has a population of just over 461,000 and it is no wonder that it has its fair share of lawyers all vying for your business. Quite often when you have been involved in an accident, emotions take over and when this happens it is easy to make irrational decisions, such as hiring the first attorney that you come across. It is understandable that you may well be under statutes of limitations in order to file a claim before a certain deadline, but you need to hire a lawyer who really understands personal injury law, because if they get it wrong, it could prove costly for you. So with this in mind, how do you go about finding the right Long Beach personal injury attorney? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Look for Experience in Your Case Area

    It is fair to say that personal injury law covers a wide area, from car accidents, to defective products, to third party negligence to name but a few. Therefore you may have an attorney say that they practice personal injury law, but they may have never represented a client in your particular accident area. Instead you really need a lawyer who has a proven track record when dealing with your case. They will have a good understanding of the idiosyncrasies and complexities that a personal injury case can bring and as a result will be able to deliver a speedy and efficient result every time, no matter how complex it may at first seem. Also any reputable law firm will be open and honest about past cases that they have represented, and the successful compensation amounts that have been awarded to these clients. They will be open to questions and will also answer your questions in an honest manner. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg has been practising personal injury for over forty years and in this time our attorneys have successfully won over $200 million in compensation for their clients.

  2. Look for Reputable Business Practices

    Any top Long Beach personal injury attorneys will be very popular and as a result don’t need to resort to tactics such as using runners that hang around in hospital waiting rooms handing out law firm business cards to injured people. They also don’t use pressure tactics to attract your business. Instead they rely on word of mouth and making a name for themselves as the best in the business. Because of this they are constantly busy and in reality this is what you want in a lawyer. A busy law firm is a top law firm and this is what you should be looking for. Most law firms who have to drum up business by using pressure tactics are generally either inexperienced and are looking to get a few cases under their belts, or alternatively they are looking to expand their practice areas to hook new clients. In both cases this is not good news for you, as you don’t want a team of attorneys representing you who are not well versed in your type of case. Experience is absolutely key.

  3. Look For Good Financial Backing and Aggressive Representation

    In many instances cases can be quite complex and often involve large corporations. These companies have their own lawyers who are kept on the books just in case they are needed, and on top of this they have the funds to blow any potential claim out of the water. The majority of law practices operate on a contingency basis and this means that as a client there are no up-front expenses and no costs unless the attorney wins your case. All the court costs and fees are fronted by the law firm. Any firm of attorneys who do not have this financial backing behind them will find themselves unable to compete with the large corporations. This means that they could end up taking a settlement figure that falls way short of what the client truly deserves, simply because the representing lawyer cannot afford to take the case all the way if necessary. On the other hand, a firm of lawyers who have the finances to back you and take an aggressive stance when looking to defend a client is a winning combination and one that you should be looking for. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg is well recognised for bringing the highest level of representation to their clients and our $200 million won for clients is proof.

  4. Look for a No Pressure Free Consultation

    Any firm of Long Beach personal injury lawyers who offers a free consultation is a good sign to a prospective client. This means that the client can check out the law firm before they decide to take them on. On the flip side of this, a representing attorney can listen to what you have to say and from this can give you expert legal advice, or alternatively can start to plan your case. We have already discussed that a good law firm is a busy law firm and as a result they won’t pressure you in any way into hiring them. Instead they will just tell you the facts and then simply let you decide.

Hopefully by following some or all of the tips above you can find the right Long Beach personal injury lawyer to represent you. If you get it right and your case is a success, then you can finally start to move on with your life and put it all behind you.

You can learn more about the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg by checking out the website. If you need more information feel free to call our toll free number on 1-888-204-1014 and speak to an experienced attorney who can help advise you on what your case might be worth.

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