How Burn Injuries Occur and How a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

In essence, burns are classified in several ways. The first way of classification is according to the depth of the burn and the numbers of layers of the skin the burn has penetrated. These can vary from 1st degree burns which tend to be minor and effect only the outer layer of the skin, right through to fourth, fifth and sixth degree burns which penetrate through all three levels of skin, plus the muscle and bone. These types of burns are generally life threatening due to their penetration of major arteries and veins. Those who survive these types of burns often suffer amputation, major skin grafts and disfigurement.

The second way is the amount of body surface burned. Obviously a person who weighs 130lbs will suffer more severe burns with the same square foot of surface skin burnt than a 200lb person. This is why it is calculated into areas. For instance the body is split into eleven key areas all making up around nine percent of the body surface area. Areas can include head, chest, abdomen, arms and legs to name but a few. First aid personnel use the ‘method of nines’ as a rough rule of thumb to calculate and quickly assess as to whether or not the individual needs treating in a specialized burns unit or not. The reason for this is that severe burn injuries can also carry the added risk of fluid imbalance, dehydration and shock as well as severe tissue swelling that can affect a person’s breathing and circulation.

There is no getting away from it, burns injuries can be devastating, and they can lead to emotional, psychological and physical long term damage. On top of this the cost of treating such injuries runs into thousands of dollars that can lead to crippling financial debt for the injured party. For this reason it is imperative that a burns victim who has been injured through no fault of their own speak to a highly skilled team of Long Beach personal injury lawyers who will fight their corner to deliver the full and fair compensation that they deserve.

Care for any serious burns victim is long term and because the injuries are so serious, they often require long stays in hospital followed by months if not years of rehabilitation. In addition to any physical care, the social and psychological toll on the victim cannot be underestimated. On top of this, burns injuries also have an enormous impact on the victim’s close family and friends. Questions may need to be asked such as what will be the long-term outcome of such an injury? What level of care will be required in the coming weeks/months/years? How are we going to pay for the required amount of necessary care? Is the burns survivor able to work again and resume their profession?

All of these questions are things that a highly experienced Long Beach personal injury lawyer can assist with. Any firm of attorneys worth their salt will offer a free, no obligation consultation service in which the victim or their family can get any questions or concerns answered. At the same time the representing lawyer can ascertain as to whether the victim has a case to answer. Once the team have decided to take on the case, the lawyer can look to seek negligence and to construct a compensation figure based on the above questions. Although this figure can in no way bring back normality into a victim’s life, what it can do is to take away the burden of financial worries, so that the victim can concentrate on their own rehabilitation.