The Common Causes Of Burn Injuries

With over one million people seeking treatment for burn related injuries every single year, it is no wonder that a Long Beach personal injury lawyer is kept extremely busy dealing with such cases. In fact over 3,200 people lost their lives to burn injuries and over 16,000 were badly injured. Although this number has decreased in recent years, as we become more safety aware, the costs of treating such injuries are going up.

So what are the most common causes of burn related accidents?

It is fair to say that although the number of burn incidents is coming down, there are a number of common causes and these are as follows:


Unfortunately fire related fatalities are still the fifth leading cause of all accidental deaths in the country and a serious concern is the number of minors who are killed by fire. In fact, recent statistics show that around 600 children under the age of 14 are killed every single year by fire and around 14,000 are seriously injured.

Work place injuries

A Long Beach personal injury attorney explains that although burn related injuries are going down, there has been no real decrease in burn injuries within the workplace. Injuries from chemical burns, electrical burns, steam burns and scalds are particularly commonplace. If you have been badly burned because of an accident at work that had happened through no fault of your own then it is advisable to contact a team of highly skilled attorneys who are well versed in dealing with such issues. They will be able to advise you of your rights and can also fight your corner if necessary.

Injuries in the home

Burn injuries are not confined to the workplace; in fact the biggest killers as discussed earlier are house fires. Latest statistics by the CDC show that in 2011 more than 3500 people were killed as a result of fire in the home and over 18500 were seriously injured. Other burn related injuries in the home come from electrical shocks using power tools and faulty electrical equipment as well as steam burns and scalds from kettles and pans.

In essence, burn injury accidents can be horrific, so the need to choose the right Long Beach personal injury lawyer to represent you is vital. The right representing attorney will not only be a great ally who is able to fight your corner with dogged determination, but they can also help you to start to take positive steps and to be able to move on with your life.