Obesity And On-The-Job Injuries

Obesity does have a direct effect on a persons ability to work and some of the main injuries that overweight people sustain are leg related injuries and back injuries. As a result a person with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 is said to be at greater risk that the injuries that they have sustained will become long term.

In terms of costs a Long Beach workers compensation lawyer explains that injury claims cost companies a staggeringly high sum of 1 billion dollars ever week. These costs are calculated not only by the direct costs of injury claim payouts, but also take into consideration time and production costs lost by the employer. For this reason it has to be cost effective for employers to promote a healthy work attitude. Not only will it see happy and healthy employees, but also it will save the company money in the long run by cutting down the amount of sick time taken off work. Some of the ways that employers can promote a healthy lifestyle is by introducing subsidized gym memberships, implementing healthy eating cafeterias and vending machines, promoting sporting activities, encouraging employees to move about rather than stay firmly routed to their desks, and offering discount incentives on health care premiums.

In terms of workers comp claims they are generally fairly straightforward processes in which the injured party fills in the relevant claim form, passes it to the employer, who then passes it to the insurance carrier. They would then pay out a claim to the injured party. In this instance a team of Long Beach workers compensation attorneys would not normally get involved. However if you feel that you have been unfairly treated when filling in a claim then you should contact an experienced attorney who can help.

The right lawyer can and will fight your corner so it is comforting to know that any form of discrimination is an illegal practice. If you believe that your claim has been denied because of your obesity then a skilled attorney can represent you. By working with a Long Beach workers compensation lawyer they will see that you get the compensation that you deserve in a timely and efficient manner. If you decide to try to fight the case on your own, then chances are that you will not get very far as insurers will have their own teams of attorneys working for them who are used to dealing with such cases. Instead a representing attorney can and will make all the difference to your claim.

The bottom line is that although obesity is on the increase, that shouldn’t mean that anyone filing a claim should be treated any differently, whatever the personal feelings of the employer or the carrier are. As a result a Long Beach workers comp lawyer can see that this is the case.