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Our personal injury lawyers have won over $200 million for clients

An accident can occur at any time without warning and in some cases can result in catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. Whether this happens because of a vehicle collision, an accident while at work or because of a defective or inherently dangerous product, it is good to know that there is an experienced Orange County accident lawyer standing by to help. The lawyers Law Offices of David H. Greenberg have over forty years of experience in personal injury law, and we’ve helped our clients get over $200 million. Call us toll free at 888-204-1014 for a free and confidential consultation. We’ll listen to the facts surrounding your accident and let you know how much your case might be worth.

Often when someone has suffered an injury because of an accident, there is a good chance that getting a good lawyer to represent them isn’t on their minds. However as the physical, emotional and financial devastation incurred during the aftermath of a horrendous accident hits home, then it becomes essential that a victim locate the services of a skilled team of Orange County accident lawyers. But there are so many law firms all vying for your business, so the question is how do you know if you have chosen the right one to represent you and how can they help? Here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Find an attorney with experience

    Personal injury law is a large area to cover and as a result there are many law firms that will tell you that they deal in all aspects of personal injury. This may be true, but you need to seek a team of Orange County accident attorneys who have a proven track record in your specific area of injury. By doing this, you will be represented by someone who understands all the idiosyncrasies and complexities that your case can bring and as a result, they will be able to get you maximum money. This means that an experienced representing attorney can deliver a speedy and efficient compensation claim to you. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg has experienced lawyers in the field of personal injury law with hands on experience to draw on. Feel free to check out our practice areas and verdicts and settlements page to see what types of cases we have tried in the past.

  2. Look for free, no obligation consultations

    In this day and age any Orange County accident attorney who is serious about their business should offer a free consultation whereby potential clients can call or visit the law offices and discuss their case. From this, the lawyer can explain your rights and if the client agrees, then they can work out a strategy for recourse. A great firm of attorneys will place no pressure on the individual to hire their services and if needs be will simply give them the facts and let them make up their own minds about representation. Even you do decide to go ahead with the services of a representing lawyer then you should look for a law firm who offers fees on a contingency ‘no win no fee’ basis. This means that there are no up front fees or out of pocket expenses that the client will have to pay and only if and when the attorney is successful, do the attorneys get paid. This payment is normally taken off the amount of compensation awarded. In some cases depending upon the severity of the incident, the representing attorney can claim that the defendant should cover all court costs and lawyer fees, so that means that you wouldn’t have to pay them. The way contingency fees are structured results in a win/win situation for anybody who is looking to hire the services of a lawyer. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg operates on a contingency fee basis and our seasoned attorneys have over forty years of experience in personal injury and accident law. We have successfully won over $200 million in compensation for our clients, and we can help you too.

  3. Find an attorney offering aggressive representation

    When hiring the services of an Orange County accident lawyer you really want to find a team that take an aggressive stance on compensation who are not afraid to take on the ‘big boys’ and will be prepared to fight them all the way if need be. It is fair to say that a lot of this has to do with the amount of financial backing that a firm has. The reason for this is that if an attorney is taking on a large multinational company, they may not have the finances in place to take an aggressive stance and as a result may opt to take a settlement for their client which falls way short of what they really deserve. Any law firm with solid finances behind them can afford to concentrate more on the case without having to worry about the financial implications it will have on their company. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg has a solid and proven track record and we have the financial backing to take on large companies on your behalf. Also our firm doesn’t get paid until you do, we will go all out to maximize the compensation that you receive, so that we can get you the payment that you deserve.

    These are the sort of qualities that you should be looking for when hiring a representing attorney, but once you give the go ahead what will your attorney actually do for you?

Hire independent specialists

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident then a skilled and experienced Orange County accident attorney can call upon a wealth of independent experts who can be brought on board to help with the case. People such as crash investigators, mechanical engineers, road design and defect specialists, and forensic scientists can all help collect evidence from the scene of the accident. From this, the attorney can then start to build a watertight case for the plaintiff.

Find comparative claims

In some cases upon investigation it may seem that the fault of an accident lies with one or more parties. This being the case, an experienced attorney can still pursue compensation under comparative law. This is where the amount of damages awarded to the plaintiff is comparative to the fault of the accident. For example let’s say that the plaintiff was found to be 30% at fault for the accident, then in theory they should receive 70% of the total amount of money awarded for that particular type of compensation.

Take away the stress of the aftermath of an accident

A good representing attorney has the ability to take away the stress and worry of a litigation case from the plaintiff, so that they can go about their recovery while trying to rebuild their lives. It is fair to say that although no amount of compensation will ever turn back the clock prior to the accident, it does mean that the injured party doesn’t have to worry about increasing medical bills, on going support and lost wages.

By following some of the tips listed above, you should be able to find the right Orange County accident lawyer to represent you. Feel free to give us a call on our toll free number on 1-888-204-1014 and talk directly to an experienced attorney who can advise you on your case.

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