Orange County Pedestrian Accidents and How to Get Legal Help

In some accidents involving pedestrians, it may be that upon investigation by a legal team, attorneys agree that the plaintiff is partly responsible for the accident. If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that the claimant walks away with nothing. On the contrary a skilled team of Orange County accident attorneys can bring something known as ‘comparative law’ into play. For example, let’s say that a judge or jury decree that the plaintiff is 30% responsible for the accident. Then they will receive the amount in compensation that is ‘comparative’ to their fault. In this case it is 70%.

Road design and defects

In other instances both the driver and the pedestrian may have been exercising due care and attention but the problems lie with either the road condition, inadequate signage, faulty traffic lights or bad/non existent street lighting. This being found to be the case then the representing attorney may look to file a personal injury claim against the government department responsible for the upkeep of the said roads, signs or lighting. These are notoriously difficult cases to win as you are dealing with a lot of rules, regulations and indeed red tape that will have to be overcome. There is also a statute of limitations (in other words a certain time frame) in which a claim can be filed, but this can vary greatly depending upon which state the claim is processed in. Once the claim has been filed, the government department responsible has to respond to the claim within a given time frame (usually within 45 days). However this too can vary from state to state.

As you can see, representing a client following a pedestrian accident isn’t always as straightforward as it may seem. This is why a highly skilled Orange County accident lawyer is vital to the success of the plaintiff. The right attorney will be well versed in dealing with such issues and will have a good understanding of the avenues that they need to go down in order to deliver a full and fair result. They will act with compassion and be sympathetic to the needs of the client whilst at the same time acting with dogged determination to see that justice is done.

A successful representing attorney can look at delivering compensation for many criteria including ongoing medical expenses and care, a loss of wages whilst in recovery, damages for personal property as well as any stress and anguish caused by the incident. On top of this, if the vehicle driver is found to be grossly negligent, then an Orange County accident lawyer (on behalf of the client) may also seek to claim compensation for punitive damages filed directly against the negligent party.

If you have been involved in a pedestrian related accident, then don’t suffer in silence. Instead contact an attorney as soon as you possibly can. You may be surprised at just how much they can help.