Dog Bites In California And How An Orange County Lawyer Can Help

Man’s best friend. But what happens when your furry friend decides to bite your neighbor or attacks a stranger? In 2010, the amount of money paid out for Californian dog bite claims exceeded $11 million, and was the highest in the nation according to a report from State Farm. Sadly, statistics also show that children make up more than 60% of dog bite victims. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog and needed treatment, or if your dog has bitten your neighbor or a complete stranger, then you might want to contact an Orange County lawyer who is experienced in the field of dog bites and who can explain the law and how it relates to you.

How do dog bites happen?

Some dog bites are caused by the victim’s own behavior or by poor judgement but generally speaking they are the result of negligence either on the part of the dog’s owner as well as negligence on the part of the property owner where the dog bite took place. Unfortunately, our love for our canine buddies can result in us forgetting that they are intelligent, strong and dangerous animals and this can result in both dog owners and others who come into contact in canines, being unprepared and misinformed about precautions and safety measures when interacting with dogs.

Dog bites can happen when an owner fails to have control of their dog in either public or private places. A dog that is not adequately restrained, either in an enclosure or on the leash, may be startled by a sudden or unexpected movement that threatens them and can make them instinctively attack. As you can imagine this has the potential for some serious injuries to occur. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious dog bite from a dog that was not properly restrained, then it is advisable to contact an Orange County Lawyer who is well versed in this area.

All too often we hear of tragic stories where a dog has mauled a young child in the home. This is usually the result of an owner or family member leaving a child alone in a room with a dog. A boisterous child can easily provoke even the gentlest of dogs into attack, and what is doubly tragic is that all too often it results in a fatality that could easily have been prevented.

Other common cases of dog bites occur when a dog has been trained by their owner to be a guard dog and protect their property from trespassers and strangers. A dog that has been trained to attack unwelcome visitors may well turn aggressive towards an innocent person who means no harm.

Because dogs don’t think like human beings, there are some cases where a dog simply doesn’t realise the physical damage they are capable of. Sometimes they may mistakenly think that a human is playing with them and become unduly rough. Other times, a human may tread over the line. For example, a person trying to pick up a female dog’s puppies may well be met with aggression, or taking away dog’s food or toy, and teasing and physically abusing a dog, can all lead to dog bites.