What Causes Orange County Roll Over Accidents

An Orange County car accident lawyer discusses the many potential causes of rollover accidents that include driver distraction and defective vehicle parts. Make sure to get legal help immediately if you’ve been involved in an Orange County rollover crash.

Driver distraction

Well it may not surprise you to learn that the number one cause of vehicle rollovers is through driver distraction. In fact, this accounts for around 52% of all rollovers. This is one reason as to why devices such as cell phones have been banned from many states, including California, whilst driving. Applying makeup, reading maps, and eating and drinking are also other major distractions that lead to vehicle related accidents.

Defective vehicle parts

Another problematic cause of a vehicle roll over is a defective vehicle part. It could be either through a faulty steering system, or through faulty brakes or a sticking accelerator pedal to name but a few. If you or a loved one have been involved in a vehicle roll over and feel that the cause of the accident may have been because of a defective vehicle part, then it is advisable to contact an experienced team of Orange County car accident lawyers who are well versed in dealing with such situations. They will have the financial backing to be able to call upon a myriad of independent experts who can help to find the cause of the incident. People such as crash and accident investigators, specialist mechanics, metallurgists and even forensic scientists can all investigate the scene to find the reason for the problem.

If the cause of the problem is found to be a defective part, then the client (through an experienced attorney) will have grounds for recourse. The fault may either lie with the part manufacturer or with the vehicle manufacturer themselves. In this instance, it is up to the attorney to find the negligent party responsible and file a claim accordingly.

So how can we stop vehicle roll over accidents from happening?

Well in essence there probably isn’t much chance of stemming the flow of distracted drivers or drivers who drive way too fast for the conditions of the road. However, one thing that can be done is to improve the overall shape of the vehicles so that they are not as prone to roll overs. This is exactly what the NHTSA are trying to do. An Orange County car accident lawyer explains that by forcing manufacturers to bring in SUV models with much wider wheelbases and lower centers of gravity it could solve a lot of problematic issues. In fact SUV’s were so problematic at one stage that they carried very high insurance premiums that were inflicted on drivers by insurance companies for this very reason. Some insurance carriers simply wouldn’t insure them at all. Vehicle manufacturers however have been very reluctant to make these changes on the basis of cost. However there is light at the end of the tunnel in the guise of the price of fuel. Due to soaring fuel prices these so called ‘gas guzzler’s’ were suddenly no longer popular, and as a result a ‘cross over’ style of vehicle (somewhere between sports utility and saloon) with a much lower center of gravity larger wheel base and a greater safety record was born.

Contact an Orange County car accident lawyer today, if you or a loved one has been involved in a rollover crash.