Orange County Elder Abuse: Psychological Abuse, Emotional Abuse & Neglect

Just as physical abuse is fairly obvious as there are often bruises and marks on the victim that may well be clearly visible, psychological and emotional abuse isn’t so obvious at first glance. It includes things such as constantly belittling the elder, using degrading remarks, verbal insults, swearing at them, shouting and yelling or even ignoring them totally, which can all be a great source of mental anguish for the elder and can lead to much emotional pain. Non-verbal emotional abuse can include things such as preventing the elder from engaging in social activities, projecting a threatening presence, excessive isolation and intimidation. Victims of this type of behavior may become withdrawn when they are otherwise outgoing, become very timid, paranoia may set in and they can become particularly evasive when answering simple everyday questions. If you suspect that any type of elderly abuse is taking place then it is advisable that you speak to a highly experienced team of Orange County injury attorneys who can assist.

Nursing home neglect

Neglect in the nursing home may well entail one or all of the above as well as physical abuse. It is fair to note that although there are many full time professional care givers who are honourable and would never dream of such things, some people who work in assisted care home and assisted living facilities find that they are understaffed and extremely over stretched. This neglect may be due to administrative issues as a caregiver may well be taking on the job of a more senior role that can lead to extreme stress on this person. On top of this with the fact that most places are indeed understaffed, executives try to hire staff quickly who are probably not fully trained in the job role which again can lead to problems with the care of the elderly. Common complaints include failing to bathe patients, change their bedding and administer correct dosages of medication.

So what should be done and how can a team of Orange County injury lawyers help?

Contact APS

If you suspect that there is any type of elder abuse going on, then it is imperative that you contact the Adult Protection Services (APS). They operate in every state and are there to keep a close watch on such matters. Once you have explained the situation to them, then one of the first things that they will do is to remove the patient from harm and place them somewhere safer. Even if the case hasn’t been proved, the APS believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Also if they feel that they need any form of treatment they will admit the elderly person to hospital.

The bottom line is that elderly abuse isn’t something that can be ignored and by being vigilant and following the right channels then an Orange County injury lawyer working in conjunction with the APS can see that justice is swift.