Orange County Personal Injury Compensation and Cost

In essence, although there is a compensatory limit to a personal injury claim it can differ tremendously depending upon the seriousness of your injuries, the affect that the accident will have on your life, and indeed many other factors such as financial burdens imposed by the injury, a loss of personal property, loss of family life etc. An Orange County personal injury lawyer explains that wrongful death claims tend to differ in terms of any other type of personal injury claim in that a lawyer is looking to compensate the family of the victim and not the victim themselves. As a result, other criteria can be taken into account such as funeral and burial expenses, stress and mental anguish caused to the family by the grief, loss of companionship including sexual relations (in the event of a wrongful death of a spouse), and any inheritance that they may have previously been entitled to.

Monetary compensation can also differ when filing a personal injury claim, if there is a ‘comparative’ dispute. This is where both parties may have been to blame for the incident. For example a driver may have been driving erratically and collided into another motorist who was driving perfectly safely. Upon inspection it was found that the ‘safe’ driver was not wearing a seatbelt. In this case, it is up to the judge or jury to decide to what percentage the injured claimant was held responsible. Payment is then ‘comparative’ to the amount of responsibility. If per se, the non safety belt wearer were found to be 30% responsible for the incident, then they would receive 70% of the total value of the possible claim.

How much will it cost an injured party to hire the services of a lawyer?

Many people wrongly believe that the costs of hiring an attorney in a personal injury case are astronomical. In reality any good Orange County personal injury lawyer will look to be employed on a contingency basis. This is a ‘no win/no fee’ process in which the client doesn’t have to pay attorneys fees if they don’t win the case. This means that they never have to pay any up front funding and are therefore never out of pocket. Only once the client is successful will the representing attorney be paid. Payment usually comes out of the settlement or compensation figure awarded to the client. Although in some cases the lawyer in a personal injury case can look to seek payment for their fees and all court costs from the defendant/defendants

Whatever your personal injury situation it is best not to suffer in silence and to simply accept what has happened. Instead be rest assured that there are in most cases grounds for recourse, and this is something that a highly skilled Orange County personal injury lawyer can explain.