Orange County Workers Compensation and Employee Rights

As with any type of insurance, the workers compensation system is open to abuse by employees who are out to beat it by putting in false claims, and it is fair to say that in some cases, an employer might well feel that an employee is trying to get one over on him. For example, a worker who has a back problem may put in a claim stating that he sustained the injury at work or that it has gotten progressively worse because of the job he is doing, whereas in reality, he may well have been digging up the back yard and caused himself damage.

It is not unheard of for the insurance carrier to be operating fraudulently and to not pay out on a legitimate claim. Mistakes can happen and a failure to pay out could be due to an oversight on the part of the insurers, on the other hand they may fail to pay out the full sum due to the victim and this can be termed as insurance bad faith. It’s bad enough suffering an injury but when an insurance carrier is denying a claim, then this can leave the victim feeling extremely distressed and often suffering financial hardship. As if this wasn’t bad enough, on the say so of the company’s physician, the insurance carrier can cease payments and order a victim back to work, whether they feel they are ready to go back or not. If this has happened to you, then again an Orange County workers compensation lawyer can help.

Many Californians fail to seek the services of an Orange County attorney and choose to suffer in silence simply because they feel that they couldn’t possibly afford to pay for their services, or because they feel they probably don’t have a case to answer. Well, any attorney worth his salt will operate on a contingency basis that means basically “no win, no fee”. A reputable Orange County Workers compensation lawyer will offer a free non-obligatory meeting where he will put the victim at their ease, answering any questions or concerns they may have, and determining whether they have a case to answer. They will not ask for any money upfront, and should a case go to court, they will receive their fees out of the settlement figure, once they have won the case. This way the victim is never out of pocket and can relax in the knowledge that their attorney is fighting tooth and nail to get them the full amount of compensation that is rightly theirs.

It is the right of everyone who is injured at work to be able to make a claim and workers compensation is designed to allow just that to happen without any acrimony on either side. It is easy to feel disloyal to your employer if you submit a claim, and you may also fear reprisals if you go ahead, but rest assured an Orange County Workers compensation lawyer will treat your case with compassion and clarity and will do everything in his power to make sure that you are treated fairly and squarely. So, don’t suffer in silence, make that phone call right now.