When You Might Need The Services Of An Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer

It’s a sad fact of life but accidents at work can and do happen but fortunately, in Orange County, when it comes to filing workers compensation claims, it is good to know that California has one of the best run schemes in the whole of America. Generally speaking, most claims for injuries sustained in the workplace are straightforward and an Orange County Workers Compensation lawyer wouldn’t need to get involved, but sometimes things can go wrong, and a victim who feels the scheme has let him down, might just have to contact a lawyer.

Workers compensation was introduced so that anyone who was injured at work could receive monetary benefits quickly without incurring medical costs or suffering financial difficulties if they were unable to carry on their job and had to take time off to recover. Basically, it operates as a ‘no fault’ policy meaning that an injured employee doesn’t have to prove that someone else was to blame for his injury. The benefits are paid regardless of who was at fault.

The workers compensation insurance in California covers six main areas which include medical care, permanent and temporary disability care, supplemental job displacement benefits or training for another job, rehabilitation and in the worst case scenario, death benefits. Whilst most claims go forward with a fair amount of ease, there can be disputes and these usually revolve around how much the victim should receive in benefits and as to extent of his injuries. If you have been involved in an injury whilst working in Orange County and your claim is being disputed, then it is essential that you contact an Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer who can advise whether you have a case to answer and can if necessary, represent you at the workers compensation review board.

Workers compensation insurance varies from state to state, but in California it is the law that any company who employers one or more persons must take out insurance. A bit like car insurance, the more claims that are made, the higher the premiums and as a result some unscrupulous employers will do anything in their power to try and prevent a claim going through.

Some of the tricks that an employer will try include the following:

  • Not submitting the claim form to the insurance carrier
  • Dragging their heels so that it is too late to put in a claim (there is normally a time limitation after an injury has occurred in which a claim can be made)
  • Purposefully losing the claim
  • Letting his policy lapse
  • Making out there is a problem with the claim

Naturally all of these practices are illegal in California and an Orange County lawyer, who is well versed in this field, will know what steps to take to ensure that an injured worker receives a full and just compensation. Please contact an Orange County personal injury attorney to assist you today.