How A San Bernardino Accident Lawyer Can Assist In The Event Of An Accident

In the event of an accident involving you or your family contacting a San Bernardino accident lawyer may not be something that you would consider. Or even if it is considered, it probably wouldn’t be one of the first things that you would do. In reality any type of accident, whether it be a car crash, pedestrian related incident or motorcycle accident can be extremely traumatic for all parties concerned and a person would be forgiven for thinking that their insurance carrier would be able to sort it out. However, quite often when the adrenalin wears off there may be things that you had admitted to the insurance carrier that could affect your claim, or the pain of any injuries sustained could have just come to light. This is when you need to speak to an experienced attorney.

So what exactly can they do for you?

Liability disputes

Fault disputes are fairly common, particularly when neither party care to admit liability. If you believe that you are an innocent victim, then you should call upon the services of an experienced San Bernardino accident attorney. The right attorney will have the financial backing in place to be able to call upon a whole host of independent experts who can all help to get to the bottom of the case. People such as mechanical engineers, crash investigators, road design specialists and even forensic scientists can be asked to put their knowledge and expertise to good use. From this the representing attorney can then build a case based on their evidence in order to pinpoint blame. Even if the blame is not entirely the other person’s fault the claimant may be able to file for a percentage of the total costs under ‘comparative law’. For example if the client is ruled by the jury to be 30% at fault for the incident, then under comparative law, they will be entitled to 70% of the total amount of the damages payable for such an injury.

Non-payment of insurance

In the state of California and indeed the rest of the US there is a growing problem of people who are driving without insurance. If you are involved in an accident with another party who is found not to have any insurance coverage, then a team of San Bernardino accident attorneys can help. They will seek to recover damages to the claimant’s property/vehicle as well as compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages whilst in recovery, plus any stress and trauma caused to the injured party. The representing lawyer may also be able to claim for punitive damages filed directly against the guilty party as well as any court costs and attorney fees for bringing the case to bear.