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A car accident can be a horrific experience at the best of times, often resulting in serious injury to one or more parties. Feelings of anger, sorrow and indeed stress may start to set in as the victim realizes that they may be facing insurmountable financial expenditure from medical expenses and on-going medical care costs. These feelings may be compounded even more when the accident occurred through no fault of their own. This is when they need the services of a San Bernardino car accident attorney.

Car Accident Statistics

Although cars and vehicles these days are more safety conscious, accidents still happen. In fact according to the latest figures published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over 2.34 million people seriously injured in vehicle related accidents and over 37,000 people killed on the nation’s roads in 2009 (the latest year for figures). Although this is down 9.7 percent versus the previous year (2008) it is still very problematic. The San Bernardino car accident attorney firm of David H. Greenberg has successfully represented many victims of car accidents over a forty year period and as a result has won over $200 million in personal injury verdicts and settlements for their clients.

Disputed Negligence

In many instances people who have been involved in car accidents find themselves in a situation where they are involved in a dispute over the negligence of such a claim. Often they have been wrongly blamed for the accident by the police or their insurers who may underpay, or worse still, simply won’t pay out at all. When this happens, the victim may find the first San Bernardino car accident attorney that comes their way, because they are panicked and want to get the ball rolling quickly. Inevitably victims often end up with a law firm whose inexperience will lose them their case, and with that, their chance of financial compensation. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg not only have the experience coupled with a proven track record, but they also have the financial backing in place to be able to call upon a whole host of independent experts who can help to investigate the case. People such as accident investigators, crash specialists, road design and condition experts, defective product analysts and even forensic scientists can all be called upon to ascertain who really is at fault for the accident.

No Out of Pocket Expenses

When looking to find the right team of San Bernardino car accident attorneys to represent you, it is important that you can find a law firm that is open and honest about their fees. With this in mind, the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg offers a free no obligation consultation in which the client can discuss the circumstances surrounding their case. From this, the team can discuss your rights and can look to review the case. With their extensive knowledge of personal injury law and the information that the client gives, the law team can discuss the best way to go about seeking compensation for the injuries that you have sustained.

On top of the free consultation offered, if you decide to go ahead with the case, we also work on a contingency basis. In essence this means that you don’t pay a cent until we win your case. This works two ways. Firstly, you won’t incur any out of pocket expenses so that you can concentrate on your own personal recuperation; and secondly, the law firm will be totally committed to winning your case. Either way, it really is a win win situation for any client.

Fighting in Your Corner

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that a highly skilled and organized lawyer is fighting in your corner. A great San Bernardino car accident attorney is determined and aggressive in their pursuit of the maximum level of compensation for their client and this is exactly what a lawyer from the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg will do. We will make sure that the client is rewarded with the highest level of compensation and will not rest until this is achieved. Leaving your court battles in the capable hands of such a highly esteemed firm of lawyers means that we will do all the leg work as well as take all the worry and stress off your shoulders. This ultimately means that you can concentrate on your recovery as well as trying to move on with your life.

Well Versed in All Areas of Car Accident Law

Quite often car accident lawsuits aren’t as straight forward as they may seem and can in fact be quite complex; however, the right firm of San Bernardino car accident lawyers will be well versed in dealing with all aspects of car accident law. Whether it is dealing with departments such as Caltrans in the case of defective or badly kept roads, faulty or inadequate signage, or dealing with large car manufacturers in the case of defective equipment, it is necessary to find a team of lawyers who can deliver on all fronts. The Law Offices of David H. Greenberg can do this. With over forty years of experience in personal injury and car accident law, we have seen it all. We have the skills necessary to be able to deal with large corporate companies such as the vehicle manufacturing giants, or the governmental departments with their rules and red tape. In fact, we take everything in stride in order to deliver the best results for our clients, every time.

If you or a loved one is in the unfortunate position of being injured in a car accident, then it is imperative that you contact the right team of San Bernardino car accident attorneys who will make certain that you get the full and fair compensation. Call us at (888) 204-1014 for a free consultation.

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