Claims Disputes & Workers Comp Rights Advice From A San Bernardino Injury Lawyer

Here is some information about how a claims dispute or other workers compensation issues may be dealt with by an experienced San Bernardino injury lawyer. In many instances particularly with ongoing injuries such as back problems, it is often hard to tell as to whether this particular bout of back pain that has caused the victim to take time off work has occurred in the workplace. For this reason an employer may dispute the claim. If in this case the victim believes that they have been unfairly treated, then they can take their claim to tribunal and can be heard by the workers compensation review board. An experienced San Bernardino injury lawyer can be called upon to either help the injured party prepare for the hearing, or alternately represent the injured party on their behalf.

Unscrupulous insurance adjusters

Sadly insurance fraud is on the increase and in many instances, there are times when insurance companies don’t pay out on legitimate claims. The insurance business is like any other in that it is designed to make the company money. This is done by bringing in as many premium payments as possible whilst at the same time, paying out as little as possible on claims. This is not an illegal practice and this is how all insurance carriers operate. However it becomes illegal when insurers don’t make payment on a claim that is to all intent and purpose, legitimate. Insurers are under no obligation to make payment on every single claim that is processed. However they are under obligation to treat every claim with the same fairness. Again, if you believe that you have had a perfectly legitimate claim denied, then you should contact a team of San Bernardino injury lawyers who are well versed in dealing with such issues. If the lawyer can prove that the payment denial is an unfair practice, then the courts can instruct the insurance carrier to make the necessary payments. Also in some cases they can also file for punitive damages directly against the wrongdoer for any pain and suffering caused to the claimant. In some instances the claim may be denied because of a simple oversight on behalf of the adjuster. This again can be challenged by a skilled attorney and can be rectified.

General advice

Workers compensation claims can be a fairly complex process if you have never made a claim before and a San Bernardino injury lawyer can be on hand to offer advice. They offer a no obligation free consultation service whereby a person can seek advice about making a claim and can also have their workers compensation rights explained to them.

If you are in any doubt about workers compensation or are unsure of what rights you do have then by contacting an attorney you will see that a full and fair compensation claim has been delivered.