Bad Road Design and Faulty Parts: How A Long Beach Accident Lawyer Can Help You

In some car crash cases, a victim may feel that the fault of the accident lie in a bad road design, defective road or faulty equipment such as traffic lights or warning signs. Quite often the insurance company will not consider this as a reason for an accident and will look to pinpoint blame on to an individual. If you have been involved in an accident involving a badly designed or maintained road or defective equipment and you have been cited as being ‘at fault’ for the incident, then you should call upon the services of a team of Long Beach accident lawyers who are well versed in dealing with such situations. Some of these types of cases (especially when it comes to bad road design) can be difficult to prove and involve government departments that have a lot of red tape. Therefore an attorney who is familiar in dealing with such cases is a must. In many cases when a claim is filed against a government department for a badly designed road then the government department will throw it out, stating that the road had been passed as fit before it was built. If this is the case, the lawyer will have to argue that circumstances have changed and traffic has increased since the road was built and as a result, it is now a hazard to road users. A skilled attorney will understand exactly how to do this.

In the case of faulty roads it could well be that there is a problem with drainage that has caused an excess water build up on the road surface, or that the road has a plethora of pot holes that have not been filled in, or even insufficient or badly worn road markings that have caused the accident. Whatever the reason, a lawyer can identify the relevant department at fault and can file a timely claim accordingly on behalf of the plaintiff.

Faulty or defective parts

Faulty vehicle parts are unfortunately still prevalent in our society and when items such as air bags and seatbelts fail to do their job, then the results are often catastrophic. An experienced team of Long Beach accident attorneys will have the financial backing behind them to be able to fully investigate such a claim and to take the case all the way to court if necessary. In many instances large car companies don’t want to lose face and as a result may not settle out of court, for fear of opening up a myriad of similar claims. Therefore they will have their own teams of attorneys who work directly for them. The right representing attorney will be used to dealing with corporate companies and their teams of lawyers and can bring about a full and fair result for their client. A firm of attorneys without the financial backing behind them might not be able to afford to take large companies to court and as a result will end up accepting a settlement figure that falls way below what the accident victim deserves.

As you can see, the right Long Beach accident lawyer can be of great help to an accident victim who feels that they are not getting the service that they deserve. So if you want a fair and just result coupled with maximum compensation, then call a lawyer today.