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Los Angeles lawyers at the Law Offices of David H. Greenberg will act in the best interests of their client at all times. They will in fact work extremely hard to make sure that the said client gets the monetary compensation they deserve. But you need to be careful when choosing an attorney as there are unscrupulous people who are simply out to make as much money from you, or indeed your case, as possible. Choosing the right attorney is probably the single-most important factor in winning or losing your case. We often get asked advice on how to choose the right Los Angeles accident attorney.


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“Wow, do these guys know what they’re doing! My insurance company offered me a few thousand and I was worried if I didn’t take it then I’d have to wait years to see the money. These guys got me 5x what the insurance company was offering and I got it in a few months! Whoo hoo!”

Jayden Beckstone


So with this in mind, how do you spot and ultimately avoid a bad or inexperienced lawyer?

Avoid meetings in hospital

What can sometimes happen is that unscrupulous lawyers will send people out to look for clients, and they do this by hanging around in hospital waiting rooms. So if you are approached by a person claiming to be acting on behalf of a lawyer, then avoid them like the plague because this is not a good sign. You will do best to find your own lawyer that you feel comfortable with and you know is going to act as always, with your best interests at heart.


If you are looking for a seasoned accident lawyer, it is always best to avoid attorneys who are not willing to disclose any information about previous compensation cases, or indeed previous experience with your type of case. A good Los Angeles accident attorney will always be totally transparent about previous claims and will only be too willing to share their experience with you. They should be used to answering questions about past cases and to this end, will feel comfortable doing so.

Engagement letter

A good law firm worth its salt will issue what is known as an engagement letter. This is a letter documenting that your lawyer will take on your case and will give you an agreed payment method. Attorneys can be paid in a variety of ways, from hourly to flat fee or even on a contingency basis. Being paid on a contingency basis usually but not always, pertains to personal injury claims such as slip and fall accidents. This means that the lawyer receives a percentage of the recovery fee. This percentage is more often than not, capped and controlled by ethics rules within most states. Therefore the attorney will only take the case on if they are confident of getting a result. If your lawyer is hesitant in giving you an engagement letter, how do you know exactly what you are going to be paying?

References and testimonials

losangelesaccidentattorney If you have been involved in an accident through no fault of your own and are looking for a good Los Angeles accident lawyer to take on your case, it is not always best to go with the first attorney you find, although this may be convenient. Instead, for the best outcome it is a really good idea to do some research such as checking out websites and search for testimonials and good references. Testimonials can easily be faked, but an experienced lawyer who is well practised in dealing with your particular type of case, will have built up a client base who will be only too happy to talk about the law firm that handled their claim. So if possible, try to get contact details and speak to them directly. On top of this, many good law firms will have details of previous results detailing the verdicts & settlements that they claimed for their clients, documented on their website. It all boils down to transparency again. Law firms that aren’t willing to disclose these details should probably be avoided.

As you can see, by following some of the above advice you will be able to find an experienced Los Angeles accident attorney who has your best interests at heart. A good accident attorney certainly makes all the difference, and has the ability to help you bring some sort of closure to the event in question and ultimately help you move on with your life. Our experienced attorneys are available to answer any of your questions free of charge. Just give us a call at 1-888-204-1014 to speak to an attorney now.