Bicycle Accidents: How they Can Be Prevented by Riders and Driver Alike

Bicycle accidents unfortunately are relatively common, although there are some very simple ways they can be prevented. Drivers can be more aware and focused and riders can make sure to follow all safety precautions, including those before they hit the road. A great bicycle accident attorney truly cares about their client and their health and safety should always come before a profit. As such, the following outlines some great ideas everyone can follow to ensure another lawsuit doesn’t have to happen.

Driving is not an American right, it is a privilege and comes with very important responsibilities. More people behind the wheel must remember that a life can be saved or lost dependent on their focus. Too often drivers are focused on their cell phone call or new text message. Now that social media sites have features indicating a response or post, such as Twitter or Facebook, more and more drivers are focusing on their social lives rather than their actual lives. If a bicyclist were to be on the immediate side of a driver using social media or text messaging, there is a high likelihood that they will collide. Bicycle accident attorneys see stories like these on a daily basis. Sometimes the bike rider is a full grown adult who can pedal away fast, other times it can be a child.

Riding a bicycle not only takes training to not fall, there lies the responsibility to learn about the rules of the road. All bike riders must know where to ride and on what path. Most town streets have a bike line, specifically for strong riders going long distances. If there is a bike lane available, riders should and must stay within the designated lines. There are also great bike paths in many cities. These are also made intentionally for bikers to ride on. Busy streets, freeways and sidewalks are not great riding conditions for any bicyclist. A bicycle accident lawyer would explain that as there are other options made for the purpose of riding, there is a much higher likelihood for collision and injury. As such, if riding a bicycle, stay on the path made for riding.

All riders can follow simple biking safety suggestions to decrease accidents. One of the best ways all bikers can protect themselves is by wearing a helmet. Although wearing a helmet isn’t a law in every state, it’s recommended by all bicycle accident injury lawyers, doctors and health writers. When falling, heads can take a hard hit to the cement and keeping them securely inside a shell decreases the likelihood for brain damage or death. There are new colors, designs and shapes of helmets for every age, so all riders should have one at hand. If there is a young bicyclist, consider also using knee and elbow pads. These small and tight pads have a hard shell on the outside, keeping small bones safe.

Other great ways riders can stay safer on the road, is by using proper signs and signals and keeping a light or reflector. A car has brake lights, but a bike does not, so all bike riders should be able to know how to inform other riders of their next move. Basic arm signals are used to say ‘stop’ or ‘right turn’ without using a bright brake or signal light. Although riding is not suggested at night, all riders should be sure to have a reflector or bright light on when in the dark. Drivers must be able to distinct the difference between the rider and the street or other drivers. A flashing light should keep drivers aware of where the bicycle is and how fast it is going.

Drivers and bicyclists alike can both prevent accidents by following basic safety rules. Drivers should be aware and cautious. Bike riders should know the proper signals and places to ride. They should also be easily seen with lights or reflectors. Stay safe!