Truck Accident Claims

Individuals involved in truck accidents commonly experience severe and devastating damage both to their vehicle and to their body, which can be life-altering, financially disastrous and mentally and emotionally terrifying. The combination of the size and velocity of even the smallest truck involved in any collision creates a severe impact that smaller cars and human bodies are unable to withstand.

Most trucks on the road are part of the fleet of a large business or corporation, and an individual victim filing a claim against the large and financially endowed companies will require the assistance of an experienced, qualified and tenacious truck accident attorney in order to receive just compensation for their damages.

Although most people do not gather information about truck accident claims until they have been the victims of such an accident, it is important to realize that there is a statute of limitations restricting the amount of time injured parties have to file a lawsuit against a truck or trucking company. Personal injury claims due to truck accidents can be filed if the accident resulted in what is known as a reasonable injury to the driver or passengers of the smaller vehicle involved. Even if it appears that there is very little physical damage after a truck accident, it is important to know that small injuries can lead to much larger problems at a later date. Therefore, taking action as soon as possible and receiving a full medical assessment of the damage is done is essential after any truck accident.

Measurable physical injuries are not the only consequences of a truck accident. The justice system is increasingly recognizing emotional trauma as a lingering damage which results from vehicular collisions. In fact, it has been proven that physical injuries take more than twice as long to heal when the victim is simultaneously experiencing emotional trauma and for this reason, anyone involved in a truck accident should visit a social worker, counselor or psychologist in addition to a medical specialist to determine the extent of the emotional trauma they have suffered.

In summation, all truck accidents are serious and not to be taken lightly. When dealing with a legal action against any large trucking company it is essential to be equipped with an experienced and skilled legal team.