Truck Accidents: Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

There is a great deal of commercial cargo that is moved by truck drivers every year. Truck drivers do their best to be safe on the road, but unfortunately truck accidents sometimes happen. Truck drivers may be over tired, a common cause of accidents, have improperly loaded cargo, or sometimes are involved in accidents that are the result of some other driver’s negligence. Unfortunately, if one is involved in a commercial accident they may want the services of a truck accident attorney.

Some of the safety tips for commercial truck drivers would as mentioned previously involve getting plenty of rest. Driver fatigue is a major cause of truck accidents. Drivers that are well rested and well fed do the best on the road. So eat your veggies, and get enough rest.

Another safe driving tip would be to make sure your vehicle is in tip top condition, and ready to do the hard work of driving down the road. Having a well maintained vehicle is half the battle for road safety. It is important that all parts of the vehicle be in working condition. That means that brakes, lights, tires etc. Everything should be in working condition and up to code. This is something a truck accident lawyer will ask you should you be involved in a vehicle crash. Driving a truck that is in poor working order is not very favorable, if and when and you go to court so please have everything in proper order.

Another tip for truck safety which is very important to follow to remain accident free is to make sure you are attentive to their No zones” or blind spots that are present. It is extremely easy for vehicles to approach trucks in this zone, and some drivers don’t even see them. This can lead to problems down the road. Check and recheck your blind spots for traffic that may be approaching from either direction.

Truck driver safety can also be impacted by work zones. Remember to slow down in work zones. Work zone accidents usually happen during the day. It is a proven fact that one third of the accidents in work zones involve large trucks. As a truck driver, always follow the cardinal rule: expect the unexpected.

In addition, keep your distance between your truck and the vehicle in front of you. One needs to avoid an at fault accident, by hitting the vehicle that is in front of them. Since you know your truck requires more stopping distance than the average vehicle, keeping a considerable distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you is more than prudent. As a commercial driver, you do not want to go up against a truck crash injury attorney representing a victim injured by your negligence.

A basic rule that truck drivers as well as the general population needs to follow is to fasten your seat belt. It is true that seat belts save lives, and this is true for truck drivers as well. When seat belts are not worn, drivers are thrown from their vehicles and face an almost certain death. It is always wise to wear your seat belt while driving.

It is wise to always practice defensive driving. As many as two thirds of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive drivers. As a truck driver you need to be aware of aggressive drivers on the road, and stay far away from them.

Help where you can. As a truck driver you can choose to participate in highway safety programs, and be a visible presence to give assistance to stranded motorists, and those in need on the roadways. You may also use your communications devices to notify the police of potential road hazards, stranded motorists and the like.

Following these rules on the road will make it less likely that you will need to employ truck collision lawyers. These professionals are available to help you, should despite your best intentions, you become involved in a vehicle collision or accident of some type. Remember that most accidents are avoidable, but many drivers may need an attorney at some point in their driving careers. Truck accident lawyers will investigate the cause of the crash, and read the official reports of the case. The helpful thing in regard to most of these attorneys is that they take cases on a contingency basis. In other words no fee is paid until your attorney prevails in the case.

In many cases the damages are caused by another party driving aggressively, and the truck driver can be cleared of being the cause of the accident. Should you be involved in an accident, it always helps to take your case to an attorney. In order prevail in an accident case you need a defense.