Burn Injuries and Workers Compensation Insurance

Burn injuries are some of the most painful and debilitating injuries that a person can suffer and in severe cases, a person can be left with permanent emotional as well as physical scars. After slip and fall accidents, burns related injuries are one of the most common incidents that happen in the work place.


Filing a Claim

In an ideal world, the burn injury victim would file a claim after seeking medical advice and then hand that claim to the employer. They would check to make sure that everything is above board and pass the claim up to the insurance carrier.

The insurance adjuster would then initiate the payment based on the severity of the injury. An LA burn injury lawyer explains that workers compensation covers immediate medical costs and loss of wages whist in recovery, but it fails to take into account other circumstances such as ongoing and future medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, the costs of any future corrective surgery, loss of future wages if the victim is unable to work again and any emotional trauma caused to the victim and their family.

A skilled LA burn injury lawyer can investigate the possibility of filing a separate litigation under the guise of gross negligence against the guilty party, for the burn injuries that the victim has sustained. This claim is separate from that of workers compensation and can run alongside it. Unlike workers compensation, this does take into account the above circumstances.


The Investigation

In order to start the investigation process an experienced lawyer should have the ability to be able to call upon a whole plethora of independent experts who can help with such a case. People such as accident investigators, health and safety specialists, and medical experts can all present their expert findings to the lawyer and from this, the representing attorney can build up a picture of who is responsible. From this a claim can then be filed.

In many cases, especially if it is a larger company, they will have their own set of lawyers who will act only in the interests of the company and will do whatever they can within the remit of the law to try and prevent the company from paying out. 

A law firm with lesser finances will often find themselves in a position where they can’t afford to keep the case going and will take a settlement figure that falls way below what the client deserves. So with this in mind, it is imperative that your representing attorney has the financial resources to fight the victim’s corner.


Loss of Future Wages

Burn injuries can be particularly serious to the extent that the victim might not be able to carry on doing their job. In this case a skilled lawyer might be able to file for any loss of future wages which the victim might have earned between the accident and their retirement.

This along with the other criteria could well add up to a substantial amount of money.

The right lawyer will do everything within their power to see that justice is done and will fight your corner. Any law firm worth their salt will take on work on a contingency basis (no win, no fee).

This means that the injured party is never out of pocket and no upfront expenses are deemed necessary. The attorney will generally be paid out of the settlement figure when they win. So call a lawyer today and pursue a settlement that is your entitlement.