What Exactly Are Chemical Burns and How Can A Burn Injury Lawyer Help

After fire, one of the most common causes of burn related accidents at work are through chemical burns. A team of experienced Los Angeles burn injury attorneys explain that chemical related burns are in the main caused by acids, hydrocarbons and alkalis, and the severity of the burn depends upon how concentrated the substance is and the length of exposure to the chemical. In the majority of cases chemicals will continue to cause damage until they are neutralized by washing with cold water. So essentially when a work colleague has received a chemical burn, then it is primarily important to flush the chemical out

Types of chemical burn injuries


Alkalis (or bases) tend to cause much greater damage to tissues than acids because they can liquefy the layers of skin thus allowing deeper and quicker penetration into the skin tissue. Acids can also be absorbed into the skin, but they tend to cause coagulation which prevents them from penetrating quite so far into the body. Absorption by some chemicals may cause the heart to pump infrequently which results in decreasing blood pressure. The liver and the kidneys are particularly affected by this.


A team of LA burn injury attorneys explain that when a chemical is accidentally inhaled it brings its own set of problems. If the chemical is in the form of a gas it can cause major injury to the respiratory system and the lungs in particular. Also when breathed in, some chemicals can cause severe burns in the lining of the airways which result in blistering and difficulty in breathing. It may even cause the body to release histamine which can cause the bronchial passage to spasm

So how can a Los Angeles burns injury attorney help?

If a person has had an accident whilst at work involving a chemical burn then clearly the first thing to do is to seek medical help. As soon as possible after the event however, the victim really should contact an experienced LA burn attorney. Speed is of the essence because they will need to try to gather as much evidence soon after the accident so as to preserve the scene. Often in cases such as these, unscrupulous employers or co-workers will try to cover up evidence, so it is always best for the lawyer to get someone on the case pretty quickly.

A good burn attorney will be able to call upon a myriad of professionals who can assist the lawyer with their case. These people are independent of the investigation and use their expertise to help pinpoint negligence. People such as chemical specialists, health and safety experts and accident reconstructionists can all help to present their findings back to the lawyer. From here the attorney can then seek to file a case against the negligent party or parties.

The other job that a skilled lawyer will have to do is to calculate a compensation package which will make sure that the victim in question doesn’t lose out. Clearly any amount of money doesn’t take away a painful memory such as a chemical burn accident, but what it will do is to reward the victim so that they can concentrate on rehabilitation and moving forward without having any undue stress and worry such as financial worries. Compensation can include damages for ongoing medical expenses, loss of wages whilst in recovery, any future counselling costs (if applicable) and any punitive damages filed directly against the defendant for any emotional upset caused to the victim and their family.

If you are a victim of a chemical burn injury whilst at work, through no fault of your own, then it is advisable that you contact a team of Los Angeles burn injury attorneys who are well versed in dealing with such an injury case. Most lawyers offer a free (no obligation) consultation service, so it won’t even cost you a dime. In reality you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so call an attorney today.