Bus Accidents and Common Injuries Explained

For most people, riding a bus is an everyday means of transportation. Bus accidents are rare, but when they do occur, the injuries can be devastating. There are different reasons for this. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, it is advisable to contact a bus wreck lawyer.

This specialist can guide you through the mountains of medical and legal jargon to get you the help you need. The proper legal advice can save you from the trauma of dealing with the legal and health systems on your own. Bus accident injuries usually fall into specific categories.


What is a Bus?

A bus is a large vehicle and is need to be in order to hold a large number of people. Sometimes the buses are too crowded and people do not have enough room to sit properly. Some riders are left standing. The frequent stops on a bus route put the vehicle at risk as well as the passengers and others nearby.

Buses are larger than most other vehicles. If there is an accident between a bus and a car, the car will generally suffer more damage. Due to the large size of the bus, even at slow speeds, the force of an impact can be many times worse than a car.


The Risk of Buses

Even passengers on a bus are at risk. This is because there are a lot of loose items that can fly through the air forcefully after an impact. Therefore, bus accident injuries are likely to cause head trauma. Spinal cord injuries are also common due to the “whiplash” effect of a crash.

Because the passengers rarely have seat belts on, they too can become airborne. This can cause severe internal injuries. There is usually a crowd on a bus and after an accident, people can panic. This reaction can cause trampling type injuries, even if the person was not hurt upon impact. 


Types of Bus Injuries

Other common injuries from bus accidents involve eye and facial injuries. This is usually due to the flying projectiles. Sometimes glass injuries are reported. These types of injuries can permanently alter a person’s entire life.

Patients will usually need plastic surgeons and eye specialists to repair the damage. These injuries often require multiple surgeries and painful treatments. There are many nerves in the facial area, so deformities may be permanent even with the best of care.

As with all injuries, seek competent legal counsel. You will want someone who is very familiar with all aspects of bus injuries. There are specific laws regarding safety and other criteria that have to be met by companies.

Most people do not know what their rights are after such a devastating injury. Whether your injury resulted from a car collision with a bus, or while traveling on a bus, your wellbeing is important.

If a loved one has been impacted with the effects of a bus injury, you are not alone. The psychological effects from such injuries can affect entire families as well as the injured party. Do not delay seeking sound legal advice from a bus accident attorney.