Common Car Crash Injuries That Are Often Disputed By Insurers

Disputes between insurance companies and accident victims are surprisingly common and when these cannot be resolved, it is always best to call upon the services of a highly skilled team of car accident lawyers. Unfortunately not all car crash injuries are easy to see or even to diagnose and as a direct result, some insurers will try to settle with a smaller payout or worse still deny the payment altogether. With this in mind here are several of the most common injuries that are often in dispute by insurers


Whiplash tends to occur when the neck is propelled forwards and then back very suddenly causing damage to the ligaments, soft tissues and muscles in the neck and surrounding areas. It can be immensely painful but it is classed as a self-limiting condition. This means that it will repair itself in time and the use of strong painkillers may help to reduce the pain. Whiplash is not likely to show up on any standard x-rays. Having said that, there are tests that doctors can perform to ascertain the presence of whiplash. These are as follows:

  • CT Scans – This can in most cases highlight any damage done to the bones of the neck and the soft tissue surrounding them.
  • MRI Scans – These are very good at highlighting any soft tissue damage and may even bring out any damage to the spinal cord or nerves. The only downside to these is that they are pretty costly to perform.

If your insurance company is disputing the fact that you have developed a painful whiplash injury after a road traffic accident then you may want to contact a car accident lawyer who has a proven track record in dealing with insurance companies.

Other soft tissue injuries

Sprains, strains and muscle trauma are can also occur in any vehicle related accident and are not necessarily apparent to others. As a result it will be very difficult to get insurance companies to make a payment based on this type of injury. However that is not to say that they won’t. On the contrary, if the insurance company can see documentation involving medical reports and tests, getting second opinions, and being able to follow up on medical visits, then there is a chance that they might.

Causing delay tactics

One sure fire way that insurance companies use to make a low payment offer is through delay tactics, in that they will take a victim’s claim and look at getting a second and third opinion. After this, they will request more and more paperwork and documentation. By the time it eventually comes to paying out, the victim’s injury is all but better, and they are so exasperated by the length of the time taken, that they are happy to accept any form of payment, no matter how meagre. When this happens, be rest assured that you should never suffer in silence. Instead a team of skilled car accident attorneys who are used to dealing with insurers can fight your corner.

Sometimes getting any form of compensation for car crash injuries from insurance companies is like getting blood out of a stone. However this is compounded when the injuries are not particularly visible and this is where the problem lies. Alternatively you can call upon the services of team of Los Angeles car accident lawyers who are well versed in dealing with insurance companies. They have the knowledge to be able to take on your case and fight your corner. They will aggressively pursue the claim and the insurers and will look to claiming other compensation if the claim isn’t paid in a timely manner. In essence, if you are feeling frustrated and at the end of your tether, then don’t suffer in silence, instead give a skilled lawyer a call today. They can help in more ways that you think.