Construction Accidents and Ways to Avoid Injury

There’s no doubt why construction site accidents are so common; throughout any given day construction workers are on rooftops, working with dangerous heavy machinery, near heavy materials that can easily fall over and even around toxic chemicals. When putting all of these things into account, it is no surprise that construction workers often get injured on the job. That is why, if you work in construction, it is very important to know and be educated not only about safety but about the help that can be given to you by construction site accident attorneys.

Falls & Falling Objects

Falls and falling objects are a huge risk factor in construction. Like mentioned above, construction workers are often on rooftops. There are many cases involving falls off of those rooftops. Falling off of a rooftop can cause irreplaceable damage and can even relate in death. Also, falls occur when holes in the flooring are inappropriately marked.

There is risk in falling through elevator shafts while working construction as well. There is a huge risk in the operations of cranes. Crane operators, as highly trained as they are, run the risk of falling from great height off of their crane. Also, there is a risk that the crane may lose its balance and fall onto multiple construction workers down below. Scaffolds are also very dangerous and sadly tragedies occur because of fault in the manufacturing of the scaffold. There have been incidents in which the plan of the scaffold, where the construction worker stands, has completely given out. However, cranes and scaffolds aren’t the only objects that may come falling from the sky.

Construction workers are at a risk for a multitude of objects that may come crashing down from scaffolds, rooftops or anywhere else above. Falling objects may sometimes only cause a minor scrap or a bruise. But, they have caused serious injury, blindness and eve death. As a construction worker, or a family member of a construction worker, it is important to understand the risks in falls and falling objects. It is also important to immediately contact a construction site injury lawyer if you or anyone you know has fallen victim to such a tragedy.

Operating Equipment

Operating equipment and other vehicles also pose a huge factor in construction site incidents. Construction workers are constantly moving and very busy. They are trying to get a job done by a certain date. Construction workers keep an eye out for each other to make sure that everyone is safe. However, some things can slip through the radar. There have been incidents where workers are run-over, or in other ways injured, by big, heavy operating equipment. These incidents happen most often near highways or other busy roadways. Operating equipment isn’t the only danger when working construction near a highway or other busy roadway. Although there are signs telling drivers that their speeding fines will be doubled if workers are present, some people continue to speed and drive recklessly. Their carelessness can take the lives of a construction worker and sometime even multiple construction workers.

It’s sad to think that these poor men and women are outside in the heat working hard to fix or build something for the community and yet there are reckless drivers who can’t take the time to reduce their speed just a little bit when they see construction workers walking around. But if you or a loved one has been injured don’t lose hope for getting your life back, construction accident attorneys will fight for your rights and can help you and your family tremendously if such a tragic accident should occur.


Electricity is yet another hazard that construction workers face. In fact, nearly 350 construction workers die a year from electrical related incidents. Some of the electrical accidents include power line contact, steam accidents, electrocution and shock. Workers whose jobs are to be on scaffolds or cranes with power lines above are at a heightened risk when it comes to electrical accidents. Not all workers who come into contact with electrical wiring and whatnot will die. However, accidents can result in severe burns and even cause falls like the aforementioned ones. Electricity is a dangerous thing to be playing around with.

Why is Construction Work So Dangerous?

Construction workers face the highest risk of injuries or death in the work place of any profession in the United States today. 1 out of every 3 construction workers will be injured on the job and although these injuries often seem minor, serious consequences may result. Although construction workers are restricted from filing direct claims against employers when injured on the job, a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer can help victims file claims against third parties responsible for any injury to ensure proper compensation.

Common Injuries & How to Avoid Them


Some common construction site injuries sustained are: head injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, serious contusions, broken bones, loss of vision and loss of hearing, loss of limbs and amputations and even repetitive stress injuries.

Head Injuries

Head injuries cannot be prevented entirely through the use of the mandatory hardhats the construction workers often wear. Concussions, closed head injuries, open head injuries and traumatic brain injuries are all common at construction sites. Concussions can range from mild to serious with long-term effects and most often result from closed head injuries. Open head injuries like traumatic brain injuries are very serious and often result in long-term disability or death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries cause damage to the nerves controlling the voluntary and involuntary muscles of the body and frequently lead to partial or full paralysis. A spinal cord injury is always serious and may result in a permanent and life-changing disability that must be managed for the rest of the victim’s life.

Serious Contusions

Serious contusions are deep wounds that may damage muscles and connective tissue as well as become infected and result in extensive damage or amputation. At the very least serious contusions will result in disfiguring scars.

Broken Bones

Broken, crushed or fractured bones are painful and require a long time to heal in addition to expensive physical therapy and medical treatment.


Partial or complete blindness always life-altering, devastating and debilitating and normally requires that the victim change careers or leave work permanently.

Loss of Limb

Loss of limb and amputations are tragic injuries that lead to long-term or permanent unemployment and frequently require expensive medical attention for the rest of the victim’s life.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Finally, repetitive stress injuries, while not traumatic in and of themselves, are a frequent result of the physically damaging and demanding repetitive actions all construction workers must face. Difficult to measure from the outside, repetitive stress injuries are extremely painful and often cause permanent damage that is nearly as life-altering as loss of limb or paralysis.