Be Aware of the Products You Consume

Injuries, illness or death due to faulty consumer products occur more frequently than you may believe. These sorts of accidents fall under product liability law, a complicated legal area which governs the legal responsibilities of designers and engineers, manufacturers and distributors of products throughout the United States. These laws cannot protect consumers completely from the products risks, so it is best to be aware of the products you consume to prevent accidental misfortunes.

With the current economic crisis becoming a long-term situation, many manufacturers are cutting corners in reducing costs and sometimes at the expense of reasonable standards of safety. This may be calm in the form of using glue-quality raw materials, shortcuts in worker training or assembly of products or less frequent safety and quality testing.

Although everyone in the chain of product development and distribution from the designer, the manufacture, the wholesaler in the retailer can be held legally accountable for damages or injuries resulting from the product, careful inspection of dubious items before purchase and use can spell the difference between carefree usage or injury and death.

Although sensationalized examples of defective products such as the partially decomposed human finger found in a container of chewing tobacco or the dead and decaying mouse found inside a bottle of soda might make the whole concept of products liability seem unlikely, there are many other more common and no less dangerous examples. More likely, a consumer is at risk of encountering produce contaminated with e-coli bacteria, or poorly manufactured tires which blow out when driving on the highway or power tools with inadequate or improperly assembled safety protection features.

The laws governing standards of manufacturing are strict yet constantly evolving, and it is an unavoidable fact that at least some percentage of manufacturers will operate outside of the standards governed by these laws. Policing each and every designer, factory, wholesaler and retailer is simply not possible and substandard products will inevitably slip through the cracks.

Product liability claims are difficult and usually involve a single individual as the plaintiff up against a large corporation with enormous resources for a lengthy court case. Best to avoid these situations altogether and exercise care. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured as result of a defective product the contact an injury attorney familiar with product liability law immediately to assist you in your quest to receive adequate compensation for your pain and suffering.