Enbrel’s Product Liability And Its Links With Lymphoma

Back in April 2011, after a thorough investigation by the FDA, a public health alert was issued against the TNF blocker Enbrel. After reviewing over 30 cases of cancer in children and young adults, the Food and Drug Administration claim that prolonged use of this drug can lead to an increased risk of blood related cancers such as lymphoma. Although the drug currently carries warnings about the risk of cancer, many people feel that the drug itself should be banned from sale.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney explains that a TNF blocker is designed to deal with auto-immune disorders in which the body is under attack from its very own immune system as well as health problems that are caused by inflammation. These can include rheumatoid arthritis, crone’s disease, ulcerative colitis and plaque psoriasis. It also helps in the treatment of polyarticular idiopathic and juvenile arthritis in children over the age of two. Enbrel prevents the immune system from turning and attacking the body by reducing the production of protein that helps a normal immune system to fight of any unwanted invaders. However reports have shown that this removal of protein can lead to very serious side effects. The decrease in the number of white blood cells caused by the drug has been known to put patients at risk to blood related cancers.

The company that make Enbrel (Wyeth and Amgen) insist that the drug is safe to use and one of the reasons why they make this claim, although it cannot be proved, is that in the first quarter of 2008, sales of the drug peaked at $998 million. Therefore withdrawing the drug would have serious financial implications. However, in the third quarter of 2008 an adverse event report was issued by The Institute For Safe Medication Practices after stating that the drug Enbrel had been cited 495 times.

If you or a family member feel that you have developed a form of cancer after taking the TNF blocker, then you need to seek the advice of a product liability lawyer who has experience in dealing with these type of cases. They will be very familiar with the story and will know exactly which path to take to deliver you the compensation level that you deserve.

In instances such as these there may well be many other similar cases that need the services of a lawyer. This is when a class action lawsuit may be filed. A highly experienced attorney will have the skills necessary to file such a lawsuit and as a result it does have its advantages. A class action lawsuit allows people who don’t want to be in the limelight to file a claim. It also gives added weight to a case in that when more than one plaintiff is participating it gives strength in numbers. This makes large companies sit up and take notice. Finally it’s cost effective for the judicial system in that class action lawsuits unite a number of plaintiffs under the one case.

When dealing with a case such as this, a highly skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney will have the ability to treat each case with compassion, whilst at the same time doggedly pursuing the right compensation claim. They will also have the financial backing behind them to be able to take on a case of this magnitude, and will fight it all the way if needs be. As a result the attorney will not be forced to take a settlement figure that falls way below what the victim deserves. A good lawyer will understand that time is of the essence and will therefore act with speed and efficiency in order to bring about a claim

The majority of people agree that Enbrel and other TNF blockers such as Remicade and Humira really should be withdrawn and there are definitely signs to support this. However unless the FDA decide to make that all important decision, there may well be many more people suffering because of them.