Spinal Cord Injury: Getting the Compensation You Deserve

The thousands of people who suffer a spinal cord injury in United States each year have a tough road ahead of them as they cope with one of the most devastating types of personal injury any human being can experience. Expert’s advice is that victims of a spinal cord injury (SCI) should quickly become educated as much as possible about the nature of their injuries and the options available for recovery, but these treatments are frequently prohibitively expensive. It is therefore crucial that any SCI victim injured because of the negligence or intentional actions of another get the help of a skilled spinal cord injury attorney in order to take all the steps necessary for securing full compensation from any responsible parties.

Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

Approximately 12,000 new spinal cord injury cases occur each year in United States and almost 260,000 American citizens are currently living with a spinal cord injury. These statistics do not take into account the number of individuals who experience the spinal cord injury but die before they arrive at a hospital for treatment.

The leading cause of spinal cord injuries is automobile accidents, causing 42.1% of all SCIs. 26.7% are caused by falls followed by 15.1% of spinal damage injuries that are caused by violence, primarily gunshot wounds. 8.6% of all spinal cord injuries are suffered from unknown causes and 7.6% happen during organized sports or recreational activities.

It is heartening that 87.8 % of spinal cord injury victims are able to reside in their own private residences after their injury but sadly 6.8% must reside in hospitals or group homes after their accident and 5.7% are confined forever to nursing homes. 50% of all spinal cord injury victims were single at the time of their injury and the remaining 50% have a slightly higher divorce rate than the general population.

Unfortunately, even though nearly 60% of spinal cord injury victims were employed at the time of their injury, only 11.5% are still employed one year after the fact. Fortunately, 20 years post-injury slightly more than 35% of SCI victims are once more gainfully employed.

The average spinal cord injury recovery time is 49 days, with 12 days spent in the hospital and 37 in a rehabilitation center. At the time of discharge from the hospital 30% of spinal cord injury patients suffer incomplete quadriplegia and 20% suffer complete quadriplegia; 25% have complete paraplegia and 18% incomplete paraplegia.

Spinal cord injury victims who survive the initial injury are at the highest risk of perishing from pneumonia, a pulmonary embolism or a traveling infection called septicemia. Kidney failure, thanks to modern advances in urological management, is no longer a leading cause of spinal cord injury-related death.

Nearly 81% of spinal cord injuries occur in males and the average age of a spinal cord injury is 40.2 years old. Clearly, most SCI victims are at the peak of their financial responsibilities at the time of their accident.

Coping with Spinal Cord Injury Related Costs and Losses

Spinal cord injury victims have life-long injuries which translate into additional expenses every year. Insurance companies frequently prefer to offer a quick settlement without considering long-term costs or fair compensation, but agreeing to a rapid settlement it all but guaranteed to prevent the future pursuit of additional losses. It is better to speak with one of the experienced spine injury lawyers in your area before agreeing to anything or even speaking with an insurance company representative to protect yourself from losing more than you have already.

If you or family member has suffered a serious spinal injury then you are rightfully entitled to seek compensation for current and future medical costs, mobility modification services for your home and transportation, current and future lost wages, the expenses of physical therapy and rehabilitation and other recovery costs including emotional and physical pain and suffering. Spinal cord injury attorneys can quickly assess your situation and calculate a fair amount for compensation that takes into account all the true costs and losses of the injury.

An experienced spinal cord accident injury attorney is a professional you can depend on to help you get the money you need to rebuild your life and focus and recovering to the maximum extent possible. No amount of money can bring back what is gone for the right amount can pave the way for brighter future tomorrow.