Spinal Cord Injury Treatments and Recovery

The primary cause of spinal injuries is vehicular accidents. Over 140,000 people are caught up in vehicular accidents, and file claims of spinal injuries after the accident. Of those 140,000 people, only about 44% will search for a licensed chiropractor so that they can get their injured spine treated. Most often, these people do nothing in regards of their pain until it heals itself, or worse, they wait so long that they are forced to seek out emergency medical services.

There are a wide variety of treatments available for people with all types of spinal pain. Whether it is just mild to even severe pain, or a spinal cord injury, there are medical professionals that can help you. Licensed chiropractors, the most frequent service needed in spinal adjustments. What an adjustment entails is applying controlled force in such a way and method that is put onto any joint that is not moving in tune with the body. What this does, is it gently forces the joints to move, and allows the bones to return to the proper position in your body. The singular reason for having a chiropractor adjust your spine is to help it to function as it should with your body, and it also provides much needed help to your nervous system. These types of manipulation are extremely helpful in the care and relief from back and neck aches, if you have stiff, achy joints, or other minor pains. This type of treatment is provided only by licensed chiropractors and can be very expensive because of the delicate nature of the spine. The cost of the service would be considered part of the compensation one receives a lawsuit settlement handled by a spinal cord injury attorney.

Massage treatments are the applying of a certain amount of pressure to the various muscles in you body. This can boost healing by allowing for better blood circulation, and allows your muscles to loosen up, thus creating more flexibility within those muscles. Some of the options that are available in massage therapies are called mobilization of soft tissues, deep tissue massage, and cross functioning treatment. These are all great options for all types of pain, particularly generalized pain and stiffness.

There are many devices that can, and often are, used to assist you in your return to good health. Some of those options that are currently available you may already know about. But here are a few suggested by many spinal cord accident lawyers include ultrasound testing, taping of the injured joint, hot or cold compresses, electric stimulation of the muscles, micro-currents, H-wave, traction, and flexion distraction. Oftentimes, registered nutritionists are suggested, which is also a very important part to any recovery from injury. This is not something that is required, but it does come very highly recommended. Proper nutrition will only help to decrease the time it takes for you body to heal from an injury. Some of these treatments include weight loss assistance, arthritis information, hints to reduce your cholesterol levels, what dietary supplements may pertain to you and your body, as well as pre- and post-operative nutrition information and counseling.

Most commonly, spinal cord injury victims go to treatment for core stabilization, chronic care, acute care, and maintenance care. Strengthening assistance and technique, rehabilitation, spinal injuries, and decompression of the spine are also very important to proper recovery. Every body is different, as every case will be different.

If you have been the victim of an spinal cord injury accident, regardless of whether or not it happened due to a motor vehicle collision, an on the job accident, a slip and fall or any other reason, it is strongly recommended that you seek the services of a spinal cord injury attorney. They can help you with getting treatment for your injury and compensation for the damages you’ve suffered as a result. Don’t wait to consult with a law office, do it as soon as possible.