Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms

A spinal cord related injury frequently leads to permanent, life-altering, opportunity-limiting and debilitating changes in the victim’s life. Spinal cord injuries transform able individuals into disabled who must organize and pay for special transportation and housing needs who suffer physical and mental pain and the associated costs of medical and psychological help, and whose careers and social support systems may be permanently damaged or eradicated. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a spinal cord related injury it is essential to speak with an experienced injury lawyer both to learn more about your rights and financial aid programs, and to determine whether it is possible to pursue a spinal cord injury claim to recover financial damages.

Worldwide, nearly 200,000 people annually fall victim to spinal cord injuries. These injuries most frequently occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents, motor vehicle constructions flaws such as seatbelt failure, sports-related injuries, accidental falls, and other traumas as well as medical conditions and diseases.

Spinal cord injuries are devastating because they damage the central nervous system housed in the protective casing of the spine, which governs all of the conscious and unconscious actions and processes of the body. Nerve damage causes loss of sensation, musculoskeletal problems such as paralysis, muscular contracture, spasticity and flaccidity and heterotopic ossification, or unusual growth of bone within the soft tissues of the body. All of the above complications result of the very least in limited movement and control and may also cause pain and suffering.

Additionally, victims of spinal cord injuries may have damage to the function of the organs and systems of their body. Humiliating and socially ostracizing, these damages may include a loss of control over the bowels and the bladder, problems with the reproductive system concerning erection and ejaculation in male victims, and loss of control of the mouth and salivary glands. More alarming are the damages which cause circulatory changes and may result in low blood pressure, edema, deep vein thrombosis and respiratory system issues which can cause difficulty breathing and clearing out nasal passages and lungs or swallowing.

Clearly, all of the devastating potential consequences of a spinal cord injury stated above create tremendous financial, emotional and physical damages, and require, if the spinal cord injury was caused by the negligent or malicious actions of another, expert legal assistance to ensure proper compensation for all damages.