Spinal Injury: Common Causes and Finding the Right Attorney

Spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord is disrupted by something other than disease, usually a collision, such as an automobile crash is the cause of the injury. The American Spinal Injury Association divides such injuries into four classes, ranging from A (where no motor or sensory function remains) to E (where those functions are not impaired, but the spinal cord is injured nonetheless).

The consequences of spinal injury can be devastating. Patients with complete injury have little hope of ever being able to function normally again. Inflammation can occur, and the bone fragments may need to be removed surgically. In addition, victims of the injury lose large amounts of time from work, and with it, the wages that they could have earned. The emotional trauma caused by the accident, the knowledge that one could have been killed, the inability to enjoy those things in life that one otherwise could, can also be enormous.

What is really bad is that many of these injuries could have been avoided. Car crashes, often caused by drunk drivers, are by far the most common cause; spinal injury may also occur as the result of a gunshot wound, a sports or workplace injury, or penetration by a knife, a gun, or other weapon.

All this has resulted in many lawyers specializing as spinal injury attorneys. If you or somebody you love is suffering from traumatic spinal injury, you need such a good lawyer to help pursue your claims. Even if you feel no pain or disability from the accident, your law may require compensation in ways that you may not be aware of. You are entitled to certain rights that can be protected only by a spinal cord injury attorney who has plenty of experience.

The best spinal cord injury lawyers are those who treat every one of their clients equally, gearing their strategy to fit their particular case. They guide their clients to keep them from making mistakes, and are responsible for all actions taken within their offices. Many will even work directly with doctors to make sure they charge reasonable fees. Some firms have a “twenty- four hour callback” policy, so they can be contacted any time something complicated occurs; or they will offer the first consultation for free, where they can determine if you really even need to use their services at all. Ideally, too, you should not have to pay your spinal cord accident lawyer for services rendered, unless you receive money from the lawsuit, and fees should be discussed up front, so there are no “guesses” or “surprises” waiting down the road.

Many of these attorneys have forms on their websites that you can fill out and receive free consultation. Typically, such a form will ask you for the following:

1. A description of your injuries

2. When you first saw a doctor

3. How much your medical bills are

4. How much time you lost from work

5. Your hourly or monthly wages

6. Whether you filed a police report, and with which agency

7. Whether there were any witnesses to the accident

8. Whether you have non- medical insurance for the accident, and with which company

9. Whether the other party has insurance, and with which company

10. Your contact information.

So any time you or a loved one has gotten into a horrific accident and received trauma to your spine, do not hesitate to contact a good spinal cord injury attorney. He or she will do all that is necessary to get you the medical treatment to which you are entitled. If possible, he may be able to negotiate a settlement between you and the other party without the hassle of a court trial, just as Kate Reed does on “Fairly Legal”, which can be a valuable asset, as going to trial can be an emotional strain that can add to what the victim is already going through.

But you must contact your lawyer as soon as possible, because there are statutes of limitations on civil suits. And the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to analyze the results of the accident, and the less chance you have of winning the medical and financial compensation that you deserve. And when talking to an attorney, be sure to provide as much information as you can, so he can help you better.