Wrongful Death in Sport and How A Team of Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help

It is without doubt a shocking enough experience to receive the news that a loved one has died, but it is equally as shocking if not more so to discover the reasons and the circumstances under which they have died. Sometimes playing sport has a certain risk of injury and in many cases it is the fault of the victim, however it is wrong to assume that every injury is the same. In some cases, particularly death, the fault lies squarely with a negligent person or party. This is where a highly skilled team of Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers can help.

Although contacting an attorney is not one of the first things the family of a loved one would think to do, if they suspect that the death of their loved one could have been prevented or was not the fault of the victim, then this is exactly what they should do. An experienced LA wrongful death lawyer can call upon a myriad of independent experts who can look into the cause of the accident and present their findings directly back to the lawyer. People such as accident investigators, health and safety regulators, independent sporting equipment experts and even forensic scientists can all help to unearth exactly what happened. From these findings an attorney can decide on what strategy to take.

It may be that the fatality of a loved one could be down to badly maintained equipment, in which negligence could lie with the team manager or coach. Alternatively, upon investigation it could be deemed that safety equipment that was supposed to protect the victim didn’t do its job (in the case of a safety helmet) and then the lawyer may pursue a claim against the manufacturer under a manufacturing defect. It might also be uncovered that the victim was given bad advice which caused their untimely death. If this is the case then the lawyer might look towards the coach or team manager again. Whatever the reasons, a team of LA wrongful death attorneys will know the right path to take in order to deliver a full and fair compensation package.

Certain contact sports such as football or boxing are often in the news for the wrong reason, as ex sportsman and families of ex sportsman are suing a particular sport for head injuries caused when they participated in their chosen sport for long periods of time. Head trauma such as those sustained in football and boxing can lead to brain damage and even death. This is not something that happens right away and can take years to manifest itself. So even if a victim’s death wasn’t at first clear, it could have been brought on by playing sport and this again is something an experienced Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer can pursue.

When it comes to compensation for a wrongful death claim, it is unlike any other financial claim to the effect that the claim is based on the needs of the surviving family and clearly not of that of the victim. It is based on emotional and financial needs and can include immediate coverage of expenses for burial/funeral costs; it can also take into account any loss of wages sustained up until the victim retired, plus any unpaid medical bills. Emotional needs include a loss of companionship, pain and suffering caused to the family, a loss to the children of parental guidance (if applicable) , also a survival action may be brought if your loved one suffered before their untimely death. Finally, the family of the victim can look to be compensated for punitive damages which are filed directly against the person or company responsible and are designed as a financial punishment.

As you can see, this can amount to a substantial amount of money, often running into millions of dollars. It is fair to say that no amount of money can take the place of a life, nor is it designed to do. However, the right compensation can make a large difference to a family who are trying to rebuild their shattered lives. With this being the case, choosing the right team of Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers to represent you is vital and is something that should not be taken lightly.

It goes without saying that people will always play sport, and injuries and even fatalities will happen, but it is good to know that there are teams of attorneys who can help when it does.