3 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire The Services Of A Lawyer Over Your Motorcycle Insurer

When people have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have been injured as a result, it is fair to suggest that they don’t think about contacting a Motorcycle accident lawyer. Los Angeles have some of the best attorneys in the country, but people wrongly assume that their insurance carrier (to whom they have been religiously paying in premiums for many years) will look after them should the unfortunate event of an accident happen. The bottom line is that you probably couldn’t be further from the truth. An LA motorcycle accident attorney explains…

Insurers don’t act with your best interests at heart – Fact!

It is understandable how and why injured parties turn to their insurers for compensation payments in the event of an accident. Firstly they believe that they are already paying for this service in that they are paying premium payments, so why not get something back in return. Secondly, they would be forgiven for thinking that hiring the services of a lawyer is expensive and therefore it’s better to stick with the ‘devil you know’. Finally after their ordeal, an accident victim might probably think that hiring an attorney is a hassle that they simply don’t need at this point in time and instead would rather let their insurer deal with it.

These are all fair points, however, you might want to remember that your insurer is very unlikely to act with your best interests at heart. The reasoning behind this is simple and it all boils down to profit. For any insurance carrier to make money they need to take in as much in premium payments as they possible can and invest it. At the same time they need to make as few or as little payments as possible on claims. There is nothing illegal about this practice and is how all insurance companies stay in business. This means that as a client and an injured party, you are probably only going to receive the bare minimum for your property and your injuries sustained.

It’s a different story if you look to hire the services of an experienced team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys. LA based lawyers (similarly to most other law firms up and down the country) operate on a contingency (no win, no fee) basis. This mean that an attorney will only take on your case if they know that they can win, because if they take it on and they lose, then they don’t get paid. This means that straight away, they have one clear advantage over your insurer in that they ‘are’ acting with your best interests at heart! In addition to this an attorney who operates under the ‘contingency’ banner means that the client has absolutely no upfront fees to pay…zip, zilch..nada! This means that cost is also not an option as no fees are parted with until such times as your lawyer wins the case.

Disputed/comparative cases

Another reason that you should seriously consider hiring the services of an LA motorcycle accident lawyer rather than leaving a case in the hands of your insurer is that of comparative fault cases. If as a motorcycle rider you could have been partially at fault for the accident, then your insurer will not pay out, because for them to make a claim any claimant has to be deemed 100% fault free. On the contrary, under comparative law, it is possible for a claimant to receive compensation even if they were found to be partially at fault. This means that the payment received is comparative to the agreed percentage fault of the claimant. For example if a motorcyclist was deemed to be 30% at fault for an accident, then they will receive 70% of the total of the claim.

Fellow motorcyclists

Finally many attorneys, whether they are motorcycle accident lawyers, Los Angeles, New York, Florida or wherever, are avid motorcyclists themselves, so they understand the complexities of riding a motorcycle on our busy roads. They understand how other drivers view motorcyclists and as a result can look at a case from the claimant’s perspective.

As you can see, there are 3 definite reasons why if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident you should hire an attorney, over your insurer. The right attorney will always act with your best interests at heart and will fight your corner to deliver the full and fair compensation that you deserve.