Home Improvements for a Paralysis Victim

It is fair to say that home improvements are something that the majority of home owners have considered, or indeed have had done at some point in their lives. Whether it is building a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom suite, or by adding an entire extension, a good home improvement can give your house the ‘wow factor that was previously missing. In many cases it can also add serious value to your property. This is all well and good, but what if you had no choice but to change the layout of your entire house, whether you wanted to or not! A Los Angeles paralysis injury lawyer explains.

When a victim has been involved in a serious accident through no fault of his own, and is having to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, then there is a strong chance that he might not be able to live in his house as it was. It could be that the door ways are no longer wide enough to take the mobility equipment, or that the victim can no longer climb stairs. Even the simple act of using the bathroom or taking a shower isn’t straight forward any more. Therefore the only solution to this problem is for the victim to move to an already existing adapted house (which they may not want to do) or for their existing house to be adapted to suit.

In many cases the injured party may feel a strong affiliation with their house. It might be that if the victim has children, then they are perfectly situated to the school that they go to. Or they may well have family nearby that they are particularly close to. It may even simply boil down to the fact that they don’t want to move. In this instance a skilled Los Angeles County accident attorney will factor all of this into the equation when seeking a compensation claim for the victim.

When it comes to home improvements in a spinal cord paralysis case, it isn’t simply a case of widening a few doorways and putting in some wheelchair ramps. Instead certain other criteria may have to be taken into consideration. For example, in the kitchen, the cabinets will probably have to be lowered to an acceptable level for ease of access, as will worktops. If bedrooms and bathrooms are on upper floors then a lift will also have to be installed. Patio doors may also have to be put in so that the victim can get access to their yard and the yard itself may need wide paths and access ways built. A wet room may also have to be put in so that the person can indeed take a shower or use the bathroom.

As you can imagine, compensation claims can easily run into tens of millions of dollars, when you take everything into consideration. This is something that a highly experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer is used to dealing with. In order to assess a compensation claim, a lawyer will call upon a group of independent professionals who can help to evaluate the extent of a claim. In this instance an interior design expert may be called upon to estimate the cost of the house reconstruction. Also the help of a buildings regulations expert is needed to ascertain as to whether the reconstruction work won’t contravene them. Once a lawyer has all this information, they can use it to arrive at a full and fair compensation figure. The financial compensation awarded can by no means give the victim their life back, but what it can do is to take the financial burden off their shoulders so that they can concentrate on adapting and rebuilding their life again.

Because of the enormity of the claim, these types of cases take a good while to prepare and are not something that are going to be settled quickly. In this instance a skilled accident lawyer will be prepared for the case and as a result will have the ability to effect change and deliver the victim a compensation package that goes way beyond what they expected.