Ski Resort Holidays and Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Experienced Los Angeles slip and fall attorneys will be the first to tell you that when it comes to winter vacations and family fun, accidents do tend to come with the territory of a ski vacation. Although a good majority of these accidents are purely that, there are some more serious injuries that may have occurred as a direct result of another party’s negligence and this is when you may need the help of a lawyer, who is used to dealing with such issues.

If a person has suffered an accident through what appears to be no fault of their own then a skilled lawyer can step in to seek compensation for any injury sustained. Examples of this are as follows…

  • Problems with ski lifts and chairs
  • Faulty or defective equipment such as skis
  • Being struck by another skier or snowboarder
  • Slip and fall accident in and around the resort such as in a lodge, restaurant or store
  • Any person injured in a snow mobile or vehicle collision when moving around the resort
  • Severe injury or trauma after being struck by an avalanche

As you can see, all the above issues could have been prevented and are over and above the normal spills and falls that one would expect from a vacation on the slopes.

By calling upon the services of a team of LA slip and fall injury attorneys, after a free no obligation consultation with the injured party, they should have the ability to be able to call upon a whole host of independent experts who can investigate the case to see where the negligence lies. They can then present their findings back to the attorney who can then build up a case for the plaintiff. People such as accident investigators, product defect specialists and medical experts can all help to present the case.

If the problem is found to be defective equipment such as skis, then the lawyer might be able to file a claim for a manufacturing defect against the maker. Likewise if it is deemed that a ski lift or chair lift is faulty, then an attorney can decide as to whether the fault is a manufacturing defect, or a maintenance defect. Either way, a person or entity should be held responsible.

In the case of a collision with another skier or snowboarder, this can be a little trickier to prove. The reason for this is that the negligent party may claim that they were acting within the guidelines of the resort and that the victim simply ‘appeared from nowhere’. When a negligence dispute occurs over such an accident, then it is down to a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney to speak to any witnesses and gather evidence to find the root cause of the incident. Even if it is found that the injured victim is not entirely blameless, then they might still be in with a chance of an injury claim under ‘comparative’ law.

Often when there is a dispute between parties over negligence it is up to the lawyer to decide to what percentage the plaintiff will admit responsibility. This admittance of responsibility will then be comparative to the amount of damages awarded. For example if the court or settlement agreed that the plaintiff was 30% at fault for the incident, then they would receive 70% of the total payout possible for such an injury. So even if you think that you may have been somewhat in the wrong for the incident there are still ways that you can make a claim.

In essence, it is good to know that a highly experienced team of Los Angeles slip and fall attorneys are there to fight your corner should you need help. With the right level of knowledge, pursuing such a claim can be quick and a great team can deliver the compensation that you fully deserve for your injuries.