Slip and Fall Accidents and How They Affect the Elderly

It is fair to say that the elderly are more prone to slip and fall type accidents than any other people and in fact are far more likely to suffer serious injuries from such an incident. In the state of California, it is necessary for all property owners including retailers to maintain their property in such a way as is safe for people. If this doesn’t happen then a victim might want to call upon the services of a Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyer.

Just how serious are slip and fall accidents to the elderly?

It is well documented that slip and fall accidents are the sixth largest killer of old age pensioners in the US. Even if the incident is not fatal, a fall can lead to many other issues such as broken limbs and fractures of joints including hips and knees as well as head trauma. Due to the victim’s age, these can take a long time to repair and the inured party is often subjected to long term rehabilitation and physical therapy. The patient will also probably require the use of mobility equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs. Due to the after care that is necessary for a slip and fall accident victim this can prove very expensive and could leave the elderly person financially burdened. In this case an experienced LA slip and fall accident attorney will know exactly the right avenues in order to deliver a quick and efficient settlement figure for the elder.

How an experienced attorney can be of assistance

In the event of a slip and fall accident, it is not uncommon for an unscrupulous property owner to try and shift the blame onto the elderly victim saying that they simply did not look where they were going, or didn’t see the warning signs. By playing on the victim’s frailties a property owner might think that they have more of a chance of ‘getting away with it’. A skilled Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer will see that the injured party isn’t taken advantage of and will fight their corner to deliver a full and fair compensation claim that will help them financially to recover from their ordeal. They will understand the plight of the injured party and will act with complete compassion towards them, whilst at the same time aggressively pursuing the claim.

In many instances, elderly victims of slip and fall incidents simply don’t bother contacting an attorney because they fear that the costs involved might far outweigh what they can claim. On the contrary any highly experienced team of LA slip and fall lawyers worth their salt will operate on a ‘contingency’ basis. In reality this is a ‘no win, no fee’ type of case and simply means that if the attorney isn’t successful in their quest for compensation, then they don’t get paid. The lawyer will only get paid if they win the case. What this means for the elderly victim is that there are never any upfront costs, and they are never out of pocket. Upon a successful claim, the attorney generally gets paid out of the settlement figure. Therefore in reality the victim has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So what does this mean for the elderly victim?

It is important in this instance to choose the services of a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer who not only has a proven track record in dealing with such a case, but also has the financial backing to take the case all the way to court should it be needed. An attorney with the finances behind them can call upon a host of independent experts who can help to investigate the claim. For the elderly person this is vital, because the right lawyer and their team will get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and this means that the victim can concentrate primarily on their recovery as opposed to concerning themselves with the claim.